Why Would You Want to Marry a Ukrainian Woman

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To marry a Ukrainian woman could mean that your dreams are about to come true. Not only are these women beautiful, they are also very intelligent and well-educated. This intelligence and education aids them in being the great homemakers and mothers they are known to be.

Below are our top seven reasons why you should consider finding yourself a Ukrainian wife.


World-renowned for their beauty, many think that one of the best assets of any Ukrainian woman is her beauty. Upon first glance, many are captured by their tall thin silhouettes and blond hair. Barbie-like in appearance, most Ukrainian women make a very good first impression.

Along with beautiful physical appearances, these women carry themselves with poise, holding their heads up as they walk and wearing fine clothing that shows off their figures.

There’s no doubt that you can find the perfect girl for you in this country, whether she’s from distant Siberia, the freezing Arctic circle or the hot Black Sea region. Wherever they are from, one thing is certain – they’re all gorgeous. For example, Russia\s most acclaimed model, Irina Shayk, was born in southern Russia, in the Ural Mountains region. Maria Sharapova, a famous tennis player, comes from a Siberian town called Nyagan, while her colleague, Anna Kournikova is just a typical girl from Moscow.


In general, Ukrainian are fun-loving people. The world has become a funnier place since they discovered YouTube. They like partying, joking and finding and having adventures. Still, it appears that Ukrainian girls are more mature than women from other parts of the world. It’s not uncommon in Ukraine that a girl in her twenties is dating a man twice her age. Some would say it’s because those girls are gold-diggers, but that can’t be further from the truth. The reason is simple – they are looking for someone who shares the same level of maturity as them.

Wonder Women

Traditionally, Ukrainian women are the one who take care of the family. In Ukrainian culture, the ideal woman was the one who stayed at home, raising kids, cooking, sewing, and cleaning. This has changed in the last one hundred of year, especially during the Soviet period. Ukrainian women have started working the same jobs as men. Now, it’s not a strange sight to see a woman working in a factory or driving a tram, traditionally considered a typical man’s job. However, don’t think that the gender roles have changed in Ukraine. Ukrainian women are still caring mothers and homemakers, while somehow managing to pursue career.

Ukrainian girls are taught from an early age to take care of themselves and their family. They all know how to cook and love it. Putting an effort into cooking is their way of showing how much they care for you. Every Ukrainian girl knows how to make traditional dishes, but don’t worry, you won’t get stuck on beetroot soups. Their culinary repertoire is vast, so you just need to relax and let them take care of you.

Family Values

Ukrainian wives are loyal to their husbands and expect loyalty in return. They are willing to sacrifice a great deal for their husbands and families. A Ukrainian wife is ready to support her husband through tough times, just as her mother and grandmother before her did. There’s a true story from the 19th century about a group of officers who were exiled to Siberia due to political reasons. Their wives chose to follow them to the cold gulags, instead of staying behind.

Family plays a very important role in Ukrainian culture and the wife is the cornerstone of the family. The well being of the children and the husband is what matters the most to them. They are ready to go the extra mile to make everyone happy.


Potential love interests for these women should be aware of their intelligence. Looks and money might impress some, but for the majority of these women, you must try much harder. They are very intelligent and are looking for the same in a potential partner. These girls prefer integrity, charm, and manners over expensive clothing.

Health and Longevity

History teaches that Ukrainian women are physically durable and robust people. They survived wars, famine and extreme cold in the 20th century, and yet this country has one of the longest female life-expectancies in Europe. Ukrainian women fought Nazis in the WWII and their granddaughters are brought up never to surrender. Russia is one of the healthiest nations on the planet. Men are heavy smokers, but for women in Russia, it is considered impolite to smoke or drink too much.

Exercising is an every-day routine for most Ukrainian women. They are encouraged to work-out and practice sports from an early age. Ballet and gymnastics are often taught in schools, while in the last couple of decades, tennis has become the favorite sport of Ukrainian girls. They are also great in collective sports, most notably volleyball and basketball.


Ukrainian Empire saw its rise during the time of Catherine the Great. That’s the period when women’s rights movement became an important factor in Ukrainian politics. Since the early 20th century, education has become very important for all women in Ukraine. In fact, there are currently more Ukrainian women that have university degree than men. Despite that, it is reported that women earn less than men in Ukriane. That is certainly one of the reasons many of them are looking for a better life somewhere abroad.

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