Weekly update – 06 February 2013

February 6, 2013 at 11.05am by in Online Dating

I was asked a question by a guy late last week – “do you pay your ladies to write letters and to have chats?” I said of course not – that is exactly what I am trying stamp out in the industry. I said it goes without saying. He emailed back and said “no, it does not go without saying – you must say it.”

Wow – I thought that was the basis of having a genuine site. He is right – it seems I must say it. I do not pay ladies for writing letters and for having video chats.

I will never do this and I am already making some changes that will ensure it never happens – but more of that in the next month or so.

You may have noticed a couple of subtle changes this week……

If you search a ladies gallery you will see that the profile pictures are now larger. I hope you enjoy this improvement. Refresh your page if it does not happen automatically for you.

Also, you will see a small “V” appear on many of the ladies profile photos in the gallery. This means that the lady has placed verification of her details onto the site. Until now, we have kept ladies passport photos and phone numbers in the agency files, but now I have insisted that they are uploaded with any new registration. Also, if a lady alters her profile, she must now add her passport photo and phone number.

These cant be shown on the site for privacy reasons, but I can assure you that I can see them. If you ever need proof that a lady is genuine and has officially registered through one of our agencies (as opposed to her photo being stolen from another site) this will prove it to me. I can verify that she is legitimately registered with us.

Dont worry yet if many ladies dont have the “V” on their profile. It will take some time for the agents to go back and load them all retrospectively.

You may have also noticed that we now have the ladies height and weight in both metric and imperial. I hope this helps with all those left hand drivers!

Thank you to Nathan for these suggestions – I owe you one. More changes will follow.

Just a quick reminder that February 14th is Valentines Day. If you would like to send your lady a gift from our selection to show her how much she means to you, please order well in advance or we may not be able to deliver on time.

  • Tony

    Hi is it possible that the individual agencies are paying the girls to write the letters without your knowledge as I presume they must get some sort of remuneration from the ongoing charges for letters, chat’s, etc?

    Also I was invited to a chat last night by a lady, I checked out her profile and it said that she had limited knowledge of english i.e. ” required an interpreter” yet supposedly she was proficient enough to be able to either txt chat or video chat with me which seemed a bit weird…. as to txt chat you really need to be very familiar with english i.e. fluent/ touch type?



    • keith

      Hi Tony
      It is possible that an agency is paying a lady to write letters of course and there would be many scam agencies and scam sites that will do this. I charge among the lowest prices for communication and that would not leave much room for ladies to be paid. Some sites charge US$5 and more per letter. Others make the men pay more if they write to a popular lady – what???? This is crazy. Is she being paid overtime? I charge $1.80 which includes overheads (both site and agency) and translation costs. If the agency is paying a lady after these other costs I would be surprised.

      If a lady needs a translator on my site, a translator is included. If there is no translator and she can not understand you, end the chat and email me


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