Weekly update – 23 January 2013

January 23, 2013 at 11.05am by in Online Dating

I had a man email me last week and say that at $1 per credit, my prices are the most expensive that he has come across. This made me stop and think because I purposely set them at that price as they are not expensive and also because you dont have to have a computer to calculate what things cost.

Let me explain…….

He emailed me this:
Well, to be quite honest!!!!! Your prices are more than double of some of these sites! Most credits start out at 60 cents and get much cheaper with the more you purchase! If you want more business, I would come down even lower than your competition! I have purchased credits for as little as 39 cents! But you have to buy the biggest package and sometimes it’s hard to afford! I like to chat with the girls, but even that gets expensive at the lower rate!
So my friend if you want to stay competitive and have a good site at the same time, I would definitely lower my rates! Yes it might be hard at first! But in the long run, it will pay off because you will get much more business! More business means more money in the end even if your rates are a lot lower! Your customers will be a lot happier and it will create more business in the end! It’s not only good business, but smart business!

This fellow has been caught up in a complicated ruse that is commonly used on other sites. He perceived 39c credits as cheap.

Here is my answer to him:
I am about to start writing my findings about other sites on my site because I AM cheaper than everyone
They fool you with 39c credits and then make you use heaps of them for everything
I have no joining fee, no registration, no monthly costs – nothing
I have $1 credits and you can see all my prices without having to join my site. Most sites don’t show prices until you register with them and this is just a way of getting your contact details
AD has 39c credits – but you have to spend $400 to get them!
To see each other in a chat is 6 credits per minute = $2.40!!!!! I am only $1
Letters are 5 credits per letter AND 5 credits when she writes back to you
If you book a chat and ask the lady to come and talk with you it is 10 credits a minute ($4 a minute!!!!!!!!). I am still only $1 a minute
So – 39c a minute sounds great. I am afraid it is a ruse to make you think you have paid a small fee

I have promised that I will start writing about what other sites are doing to pull the wool over your eyes and to get you to register your details with them before you can find out anything. This mans email summed up what I am about to expose.

It is not a criticism of all other sites and putting mine at the top. It is to make you aware of what happens so that you can make your own informed decision. There are many many sites to choose from and there are some clever tactics. If you are better informed then you can make a better decision.

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