Weekly update – 26 December 2012

December 26, 2012 at 11.04am by in Online Dating

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and that the new year is a fantastic one for you. Its been a tough couple of years around the globe so a happy and prosperous 2013 would be welcomed in most countries.

I received an enquiry from Philip asking why he needs to have enough credits in his account for the lady to reply, as well as enough for him to write, before he can send a message. I sent him a reply that I think is worth repeating here for everyone. We want to be 100% fair with your messages so here is how we have it set up:

You should never be charged when ladies write to you out of the blue – perhaps ladies who you have never noticed or write to you first to send you a message in introduction. You would be charged for 100’s of letters for nothing.

You should also not be charged if a lady with whom you are corresponding sends you many messages, lets say 5 replies, to your one message.

You should only be charged if you write to a lady and then when she sends you a reply to that message (but only the first reply). This would be 1.8 credits from you to her and 1.8 credits from her to you. No more than that.

This is to prevent some agencies using the messaging system as a way to clear out your credits without you being in control. On this site you are in control and nothing is deducted without your intent.

We have set it up so that when you write to a lady, her reply is automatically deducted at the same time. This allows her to reply to your message as many times as she likes – perhaps she may send you 3 messages full of different photos. You will only be charged for 1 reply.

If you do not get a reply in 7 days, all 3.6 credits are added back to your account.

If she replies after 8 days, then you have already been credited and your messages to each other were free. This is because I consider more than 7 days an unacceptable delay in her reply.

I hope this clarifies the situation for any of you who may have been confused.

The only other way of doing this is to charge a flat monthly fee for all messages, but we then need to have monthly automatic payments and set standard fees but then the site determines how much you pay each month rather than you choosing your own usage that you are comfortable with.

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