Weekly update – 31 October 2012

October 31, 2012 at 12.03pm by in Online Dating

Sadly, one of the most common questions I am asked is why should this site be trusted, especially when men have been treated poorly at other sites they have used. Why am I any different they ask.

My first response to them is that I am replying to them and they often find that is a new experience. Often at other sites their questions are ignored. They also see that I respond to them in the first person, I am real and I respond to them individually – they do not get a computer response or choose from a menu template response to the problem.

I also act on anything that is not right or fair. I believe that the future of a site is built on solid reputation, not advertising spend and google rankings. This is hard to prove as a site that has hundreds of testimonials and wedding photos may be writing them themselves – how can you tell? The men and ladies that I have asked to put their story in my testimonial section prefer to remain anonymous – as would I.

I have lost a number of agencies over the years because they choose to no longer work with me. Most of these agencies don’t like that I am different – I treat them according to their openness and honesty, not the amount of business that they do. If they don’t like this and they leave, then I had doubts about them anyway. I will not chase after them.

Agencies can sometimes ask me why I have chosen to do something a particular way when all the other sites do it another way. My response is that I have done things the way I would want them to be done if I was a user of the site, in fact I don’t even look at the other sites to see what they are doing.

I prefer to react to actual feedback and experience. If a guy has had bad experiences elsewhere, why would I want to replicate these bad experiences? If he uses my site I want him to know that I am genuine and different. Trying to convince guys that this is my primary motive can be difficult as it is unique.

There is only one way to see if I am true to my word and that is to try us, or ask someone who is using the site. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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