Which Online Dating Sites Will Survive?

March 29, 2021 at 1.35pm by in Online Dating
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Two years ago, I presented at an online dating conference in Kiev, Ukraine. The conference topic was The Future of the Online Dating Market and my presentation was about accountability. I wanted those sites that promote dating scam to be aware that the business world was about to change significantly and that they would not survive unless they made a paradigm shift in their approach to offering a genuine service, especially to those men searching for a Ukraine lady.

There are many Ukraine and Russian dating sites that will not survive and some have already been closed, including some sites that were at the Kiev conference and who heard me, but did not listen.

What has happened?

In the second half of 2020, Paypal began a verification process with all its business customers; those businesses that use Paypal to get paid for their goods and services. It was a thorough review and we were one of the first businesses to be requested for verification information. Failure to provide the required information within 2 weeks would see our account closed, immediately.

The verification process covered anti-money laundering (AML), anti-trust behaviour and breaches of privacy regulations. We were asked for Government issued copies of:

  • Certificate of Incorporation (including country of registration and company name)
  • Company Extract (including company address, directors names and addresses, shareholdings)
  • Passport photos of the Directors
  • Utility Bill showing the company address
  • Bank Statements showing the Company name and address
  • 2 years financial statements, signed by an accountant
  • IRS (tax) identification numbers 

This was quickly submitted and we are fully verified with our payment processors.

At the start of 2021, Google began verifying its business customers who use Google Ads to promote their business. Failure to produce the information within 30 days will see closure of that business’s Google Ads account.

Google requested copies of:

  • Certificate of Incorporation (including country registered and company name)
  • Company Extract (including company address, directors names and addresses, shareholdings)
  • Passport photos of the Directors
  • Utility Bill showing the company address

We also submitted this information quickly and are now fully verified.

Google will now show the registered company name and address on all ads placed on Google Ads. 

The global focus on anti-money laundering, anti-trust behaviour, the protection of an individuals privacy and on legitimate business practice is intensifying. Those companies that choose to work in less than transparent, or dishonest and illegal methods will be exposed and will be closed.

We support this focus and know that it will lead to a more enjoyable and safer online dating experience.

  • Vin

    Thanks for sharing this article. I am new to dating sites and read UBA policies and customer reviews. Makes me worried of getting scam. Video conference and the 24/7 chat services helps. First time I order gift was a success to. Now to hopefully find a life partner. I will and intend to use travel service and schedule dates with the ladies I am in contact with. If all works out I will be gladly give my a live review for UAB.

    • Keith

      Vin, thank you for taking the time to write your comments. We wish you all the success in your search and are here 24/7 to assist.

  • Lawrence

    Just wanted to say I appreciate the services you offer and your honesty as I have been unfortunate in the past with other online dating services. I would offer one suggestion and that is for someone such as I who has used your chatting services extensively over the past year to be considered for a greater discount for my loyalty to your company and the extensive use of your chatting services. This would of course encourage me to increase my use of those services even more. Again I do enjoy doing business with your company and have been pleasantly surprised by you efficiency and above board business practices!

    • Keith

      Lawrence, thank you for your kind words and positive comments. We will contact you via email.

  • Abnashi

    Thank you for your hard work and dedication from your staff

    • Keith

      Thank you Abnashi


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