Why cant I freely exchange contact details with my lady?

September 23, 2016 at 11.51pm by in Online Dating

Each week I receive emails from men asking about how the site works, what support and guarantees we provide, what success we have and general questions about the dating business. Often, the same questions come up over and over as the same thoughts go through our minds.

This week I received an email from Thomas asking why he cant freely exchange contact details with his lady. His concern is that if he cant do this then how does he know that he is corresponding with the lady herself. This is a common question and is a point of difference between international dating versus dating within a country or location.

Thomas’s email asked: Why is that you sequester and block the exchange of contact information. Privacy and security are not the reasons. Every email is an anonymous address; it is not a home address where a person lives. It is virtual. Also, there are no security reasons either. If a member is half way around the world how does the exchange of information that can verify if a person is at least real and sincere a security issue? It seems the opposite. Blocking this exchange of contact; or other verifying information; prevents a male from knowing if he is talking to a scammer, fraud, empty profile, faker, insincere person. It places him at risk to potentially waste his time?

This is a valid question and is a genuine concern for anyone wanting to find a soulmate using the internet.

There are a number of reasons that an international dating agency (marriage broker) cant freely share contact details and my response to Thomas was:
Hi Thomas

Thank you for your email.

Please note that we do not block the exchange of contact details as we provide the facility for a man to request the ladies details, which she is able to approve if she agrees.

However, you are asking why you cant freely exchange details without having to request them.
There are several reasons:

The first and most important is that we must adhere to the International Marriage Broker Regulation Act of 2005 (IMBRA) as this US law applies to all international marriage and dating sites.
This law requires US citizens to complete IMBRA forms that certify that they are not on the Sex Offenders Register, have never been convicted of violent crimes and that they are legally able to get married. The lady must sight his completed form and sign it prior to her being able to release her details. She must also be provided with a US Government prepared document, in her native language, that advises her of her rights once she migrates to USA.

Failure to complete the IMBRA forms when a man and lady exchange contact details (or meet) can result in US Immigration denying the couples application for a fiancé visa when they decide to marry and relocate to USA.

Any marriage or dating site that does not adhere to IMBRA regulations is not adhering to this law and may also indicate that they are not a genuine site, only concerned with money.

When you use our site, we provide text and video chat where you can speak (and view) the lady at any time. If you suspect that you are not speaking directly to the lady, then you should have a video chat with her. In our chat system, you can toggle between text chat and video chat without interrupting the chat.

What we have also done is provide a facility where you can chat for 5 minutes with every lady on the site for FREE to assure yourself that she is genuine and see if there is a spark before you commence communication. In fairness to the lady, we only allow serious men to have this feature and we class serious as a man that has bought a credit package to use the site, even just a 20 credit package.
This saves her from having to chat with the thousands of men who visit the site but are not serious. If you purchase a credit package and access this free feature, you must purchase another credit package every 30 days to retain this feature.

Thomas, I hope this answers your question and that you decide to use our services to find your special lady.

I thought that I would share this with you as it is a question I am asked frequently. Many sites dont abide by this law and it will result in your K fiancee visa being declined when you want to marry your lady and relocate her to USA. You need to be aware of this and choose a site that does comply with the IMBRA regulations.

For a detailed but clear explanation, please refer to this link en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Marriage_Broker_Regulation_Act


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