Why do we charge for a travel quote?

March 19, 2015 at 1.00am by in Online Dating

Last year we decided to add a 10 credit fee for anyone who requests a travel quote from us. I have had some emails from men asking why we do this.

We found that men were sending us requests for quotes to meet 10 ladies in 4 cities including international travel, internal flights and trains, hotel accommodation, taxis, mobile phone, 24 hour support and contact phone numbers.

Anyone who has received a travel quote from us will know that we send you a very detailed report with an itemised breakdown of the quote and you can see exactly what each item costs.

We also contact you to suggest your itinerary to economise on travel – both the cost and the route. If we can see a more logical route for your itinerary we will suggest it.

We also ensure that the ladies are available to meet you and ask your contact number so we can contact you urgently if required.

This is quite a long process but gives you the best quote that you could hope for so that you can arrange your trip. On confirmation we put it all into place and your trip is fully arranged with no worries or concerns.

We found that the majority of men who requested a quote were testing the water and never went ahead with the trip at that time, so we completely wasted our time and effort.

Since we implemented the 10 credit fee, we have had almost every man confirm the trip and undertake the travel – and we have not had one single complaint about the arrangements.

If you are serious about making a trip to visit your lady, request a quote and you will see the service that we provide.

I also receive a number of emails from men asking why they need a quote – why cant we give a price ”like the other sites do?”

How can you get a quote for a trip without knowing how many ladies you are visiting, how many cities you are traveling through, how much internal travel you require, arranging taxis and guides, what quality of accommodation suits you best, etc?

I say that the 10 credits you invest on a 100% accurate quote will save you much more money than a preset quote that has none of your travel requirements securely covered. I think you will be paying a highly inflated price for a preset travel quote.

We have our own travel agency so can offer you this service and 100% accurate quoting. We receive favorable feedback from nearly every man who has traveled using our services. For more information contact us at https://simplytravel.international/contact-us/

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