Why do you have to pay to chat?

March 20, 2013 at 10.09am by in Online Dating

I had an email from Eric last week and he asked me a few questions and I replied to Eric with honest answers, as I always do and thought it worthwhile repeating here for you
Eric’s first question was – “why do I have to pay to chat when skype is free?”
1. Yes skype is free and it has all you want – video, audio text and translation. If we allowed you to contact the ladies for free and use skype then the agencies and this site would immediately go out of business and you would not have a service such as my site offers.
BUT – the question you did not ask – why are chats so expensive (compared to skype being free?) That takes a little longer to answer….. The agency has an office, computers, phones, and multiple translators – they have high costs. This website has hosting fees, chat software fees, video clip hosting fees, developers etc – I have high costs. Whenever you write a message or chat with a lady, these costs need to be covered. That is why it is not free.
Why are the costs so high…………….. well I am new in relative terms to the dating industry compared to sites that have been running 15 years or longer. During that time these sites have set the pricing standard and agencies are used to being paid the fees that they get from these sites. When a new site comes along, we cant charge much less or the agencies will not work with us – why would they when they are already comfortable with the large established sites. So I have to match the fees that the agencies are currently paid.
However, if you analyse my costs against some of the other sites, you will see that predominantly, I am cheaper and I have done this on purpose – and I intend to take steps to allow me to go even cheaper in future. Some sites charge up to $8 for a letter to a lady – especially if she is popular. Wow, I cant believe this. Some sites are $2.50 to $3 a minute for a chat that may only be text or one way video. At least I offer all video, audio and text when you use my chat system – just like skype.
Eric then asked “I am starting to see profiles from (another site that I consider not good) here, should I be concerned?”
2. I work with many agencies and these agencies work with many sites. They need to work with as many websites as possible to increase their chances of the ladies finding a man and also of increasing their business and staying profitable. That is business. Yes, there are many sites that are close to pure scam – I hear all about them and they make it very difficult if you are trying to be genuine. All I can say is that not all ladies on scam sites are scammers – many of them are genuine but just happen to be listed on a site that is untrustworthy. I can only control who uses my site and when I have a problem, you can judge me on what I do about it.
Eric’s final question was “With another site, and receiving letters from certain cities, I determined one person was writing letters (style and verbage), does that mean the ladies don’t write their own letters? What do you do to protect the integrity of authentic letters?”
3. I offer advice to men on what they should do if they suspect something is not right – write to me and let me investigate, or stop corresponding with the lady. Please refer my weekly blogs on the site for these tips. Basically I advise: if the letters are-non-sensical or just a few words – don’t bother with her. If they are just sexual or sound like a template – don’t bother. If you chat with her and she does not have a camera – hang up (but you may choose to keep chatting) etc. I encourage you NOT to continue with these ladies then they will go away or get serious. If she asks for money or gifts – tell me asap.
4. If you are corresponding with a lady and you think she is not the one writing the letters, arrange a chat with her and ask her directly about something you wrote to her or she wrote to you. You will know immediately if she has no idea what you are talking about – then contact me.
5. Eric, I answer your questions. I may be the only site that does that – I am sure the scammers don’t. That may help to give you some assurance
I think I answered Eric’s concerns and we all have them. There are so many dishonest sites and ladies that men always seem to be on their guard.
I also always offer the following advice – never send gifts outside of the site’s control and NEVER send money.
If you look at our list of scammers, you will see another lady added this week. She sent out emails to men all over the world saying that this summer she would be visiting his country and would settle in that country. Considering we have men from 50+ countries she must be a remarkable woman! http://www.ukrainebridesagency.com/ExposedScammers

  • kieran

    As for pricing,I find this site very reasonably and competitively priced…but most importantly..it is trustworthy…and provides personal service..this is rare, if not unique!!
    I have used a site where they were charging messages according to how popular the lady was! The prices ranged from $2.50 up to $20 for each message!!! I reckon the average was around $8…I was scammed by a criminal, it cost me $12 to send each message!!


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