Why the first date is paramount when you’re dating a Slavic lady

Slavic lady

Yes, the first date is very, very important because in many ways, it sets up the foundation for a relationship. 

  • When you meet each other…

If you visit your Slavic lady in Eastern Europe, Simply Dating team would help you with the first date because we have to make sure that the lady is safe. Therefore, all you need to do is to prepare what to say and plan some interesting activities that both of you can do on the first date.

Obviously, your conversation skills are paramount. Many years later, you and your wife probably wouldn’t remember what you said on the first date, but both of you will remember how you felt, where you went and what you did on the first date.

Kevin is an American guy who is married to a very elegant Slavic lady. They still clearly remember their first date. On their 10th wedding anniversary, Kevin wrote a poem for his wife (Kevin isn’t a great writer, so he borrowed some ideas from a song, but the poem is not completely plagiarized ):

For a moment like this

Some individuals wait a lifetime;

For that one special kiss,

I can’t even believe it’s happening to me;

My life is forever changed the moment I meet my lady;

It makes me wonder how I ever lived without you.

Slavic lady
  • When you ask her out for a date…

If you ask a woman out by texting her, you may want to have a look at this text message which is a pretty good example: “Hi Sarah, I’m Donald from the wine-tasting event. This Friday afternoon I’m going to Starbucks. The music there is really good. Would you like to join me?”

Then based on her response, you will be well-calibrated and find a good time to meet her.

In the above-mentioned example, you add something like “The music there is really good” so that there is an external focus, meaning apart from having a date with you, she has one more reason to go to Starbucks, so it is a bit easier for her to say yes to the first date request.

Apparently, the venue doesn’t have to be Starbucks. You will need to tailor this text message according to your specific situation and context.

When you add an external focus to the message, you need to be specific, e.g., “the music there is really good” / “the coffee there is the best I’ve ever had” / “they have the most phenomenal Italian food in town”. In this way, you are using an external fact to convince her, so she feels that she shouldn’t miss out on something awesome (without feeling being persuaded by you). Therefore, it’s a great way to spark more interest.

Many men are too “nice” when they ask women out. For example, a few years ago, I met a guy at a party. He gave me his business card and asked me to text him. He said to me, “Can we date? Send me a text message and we will go to an Italian restaurant for a dinner date.” I didn’t send him a text message, but I sent him an email a few days later (in the email, I was talking about something that we discussed at the party – I didn’t ask him out). However, the email address on his business card was invalid for some reason (he probably changed his email address but didn’t update the information on his business card).

I think in general, men should just be more aggressive in asking to meet a woman for a date. Slavic dating experts claim that when you ask a woman out for a date, your attitude should be kind, but your message should be more aggressive. 

“If you are using a dating website, you can always test different profile photos and see which photo has the highest conversion rate.”

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