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July 11, 2013 at 1.02am by in Online Dating

Men and ladies join the site and use it for a variety of reasons – genuinely searching for a marriage partner is the predominant reason but there are other reasons, which are entirely acceptable.

Some are looking for friendship and take comfort from having friends overseas, which may lead to a relationship, while others look for travel companions or simply just to have fun. These are all good reasons as long as no one is abusing the site.

Often a problem arises when someone writes to someone else and they have different reasons for being on this site. For example, someone looking for fun or a travel companion writes to someone who is seriously looking for a partner and all kinds of accusations appear about insincerity and being on the site for no good reason.

There is a place on the site for everyone who wants to use it for an acceptable reason and we have implemented a new system to accommodate everyone.

If you look at your profile, or any ladies profile, you will now see that there are 3 categories: marriage, friendship and fun. The idea here is that each profile should state their purpose for being on the site and this will help control the communication between people who are here for different reasons.

If you are listed on the site for marriage, then any lady who has not listed her reason for being on the site as marriage, will not be able to contact you. Ladies can only communicate with men who have like categories. It is possible to be on the site for all three categories.

Men can communicate with ladies with different categories, if they choose and this will allow the lady to respond to you. But she cant contact you if you have different categories and you have not contacted her.

We have just set this up and we have allocated all 3 categories to all men and all ladies – everyone can contact everyone. This is how it has been until now and we hope that all men will go to their control panel/profile and change the categories as necessary.

At the same time, we are working our way through every lady listed on the site and re-categorising them one by one. This will take time and cooperation.

However, every new lady registration will now go through a rigorous approval process to be listed on the site. This includes checking the phone number and email address supplied, verifying her photos and passport photo, pre-approving her introductory letter and categorising her into the correct category. Failure in any of these criteria will see her registration rejected until we are satisfied with the details provided.

In time, all ladies will be correctly categorised and they will only be able to communicate with men of like categories. This will go a long way toward ensuring that communication is between like-minded site members and will prevent some of the problems currently being experienced.

Please take a moment to check your profile and reset you category.

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