10 Fun First Date Ideas That You Need to Try

first date ideas

If you think about it, a date is just hanging out on a schedule. So shouldn’t it be as fun and carefree as just hanging out? There are always the traditional dates, the go-to’s like movies, coffee shops and dinner. But a great date is all about sharing in a common interest or trying new things, so you might as well make your date memorable. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Miniature Golf

There are a lot of great things to be said for miniature golf. For starters, it’s a nice outdoor activity that isn’t too strenuous, meaning that you won’t be too winded afterwards to follow it up with a nice dinner or a walk around the park. Hiking and biking are great, but can really work up a sweat, while mini golf is a fun, low-stress sport that leaves you time and energy to actually chat while you play.

Walk To Your Destination

If you’re going to go see a movie or a play, you’re not going to have much opportunity to talk. If your destination is within walking distance, you can make up the difference on the walk there.

Cook Something

You can have a picnic, invite your date over for a meal, have a two person potluck, cook out on an open campfire or barbecue grill, visit a farmer’s market and take the haul home for a meal, or take a cooking class together. If this date works out, you two are going to be eating each other’s cooking a lot more frequently, so it’s good for both parties to know what they’re getting into up front!


Swimming at the beach or the pool is another great low-intensity outdoorsy activity that lets you get some exercise in a playful environment conducive to conversation. You can race laps across the pool or just hang around chatting in the shallow end.

Visit Each Other’s Hangouts

Start at your favorite bar, coffee shop, book store, park or diner, then head to theirs (or the other way around). This will give the two of you a good idea of what your comfort zones look like, your ideal “home away from home.”

Support Your Local Talent

A concert or music festival sounds like a great first date, but it’s really hard to talk over the sound of the amplifiers and the crowd. It’s far easier to get to know your date at a more laid back venue that supports local artists and smaller crowds, like coffee shops, comedy clubs or bars that host live performances.

Double Date (With Your Pets)

If you’re both dog people, why not let your furry friends get to know each other, too? If you hit it off, your pets will be spending a lot of time together, so a visit to a dog park is a good way to test your chemistry together.

Aquariums, Zoos, Museums and Observatories

The majesty of the natural world can be a sight to behold, and even better: It can give you a lot to talk about on your date. Trying to think of something to say and keeping the conversation going is always the most nerve-wracking part of the date. What if your interests bore them? What if you talk too much? What if your sense of humor doesn’t mesh well with theirs? Or what if you just open your mouth and draw a blank? By visiting museums, observatories and other places devoted to natural history, you’ll have more than enough fodder for conversation so that you can get to know each other.


Any kind of tour will do. A leisurely drive up and down the coast, a walk through a scenic part of town or a tour through a local factory (usually ending with a free sample) can be a lot of fun.


It’s fun, it’s one of the cheapest low budget date ideas imaginable, and it’s great for lazy afternoons. Grab some chips and soda, or whatever your TV-watching snack of choice may be, and take turns picking stuff out on Netflix.

The last thing we want on a first date is for them to think that we’re kind of a bore, so imaginative first date ideas can be a big help in making a lasting first impression.

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