5 Most Common Relationship Myths

July 17, 2016 at 10.54am by in Dating advice
relationship myths

Before entering a relationship, each one of us have our ideals on how a good relationship should be like and how it should feel when you have found the one. These ideals set up our standards and determine our behavior in the relationship. It also serves as the basis to asses our relationship satisfaction and our views about a long-term relationship.  

Most people believe that a perfect relationship is like those that we have seen in the movies and romantic TV shows; that an ideal relationship is what we see depicted in the media. Truth is, romantic movies and TV shows often mislead us and give us a misconception about how a relationship should be like.

Here are some of the common relationship myths:

Myth#1: If your relationship is “meant to be”, it will just work out.

This sounds like a motto of a lazy boy who’s just waiting for his luck. Relationships need a lot of effort. You should expect that there will be ups and downs, misunderstandings and problems. There is no such thing as luck in a relationship. It is a combination of hard work, patience and endless understanding.

Myth#2: You should keep your dissatisfaction only to yourself especially when your relationship is just starting.

Your future roles in the relationship is highly influenced by the way you act during the first stage of your relationship. You should practice your communication styles, relationship dynamics and initiative levels early on. For example, if your partner gets late on your first date, you should tell him immediately but in a nice way. If you say nothing, your partner will think that it’s ok so instances of lateness will surely occur on your second, third or fourth date.

Myth#3: Your partner knows exactly what they did you upset you.

You think that your partner should be able to read your mind, science has yet to prove the existence of telepathy even for long-term couples. He or she probably knows that you are upset because you have given him/her some hints that you are mad but don’t ask him to figure out the reason behind it. To help you save time and aggravation, just tell him why you are upset and your partner should learn from it.

Myth#4: If you are happy with your partner, you don’t need to be close to anyone else.

Some people think that once you have found the perfect partner, he will complete you and you won’t be needing anybody else aside from him. Some even reaches the point wherein they forget to mingle with their friends and family. This is wrong. You should be able to continue doing what you want and be with the people you love even before you have met your partner. It will be healthy to maintain your friendship and connection with your family because this is a psychological need.

Myth#5: If your relationship is on the rocks, having a baby can solve your problems.

If you are having problems in your relationship and wanted to save it, you probably are thinking of having a baby. This will not solve your problems but it will change your lives in every way. It could also be the most stressful thing you can do to a relationship. You two are obliged to solve and deal with your problems directly. Do not to expect a baby to make them disappear.

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