5 Mistakes on Your Online Dating Profile Picture

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Online dating can be scary, difficult, and oftentimes disappointing. Some people don’t have any luck with anyone showing interest in their profiles. Or at least as much as they had hoped they would. Maybe the reason why is that their profiles aren’t remarkable and just plain or mediocre at best. If this may be your problem, you have come to the right place in cyberspace.

Your online dating profile picture is your first impression to all of the potential partners out there. Choose the proper photos to put on a dating website carefully and follow the tips mentioned below to improve your results.

Choose your photos wisely

If there is one thing that you need to avoid is blurry or busy photos. Your online dating profile should have crisp, clear photos that show your face. Having clear photos allows potential dates to get a better idea of what you really look like. Clear photos will allow them to decide whether they feel an attraction towards you or not. If you have blurry photos on your profile to purposely try to hide your true features, you’ll be up for an awkward first date, if you’re lucky enough get one.

Clear photos imply that you are a reliable person. Also, try to avoid super close-up photos or heavily filtered and edited ones. Invest time to take good photos of yourself, you can always hire a professional for a photo shoot. Use photos that show the real you. It’s recommended that you don’t edit your photos too much. Choose a photo that shows you are happy and smiling. A smile is your best asset and happiness is a very attractive quality that will bring dates your way.

Show something about yourself through your photos

An online dating profile is a summary of who you want to be perceived as by a potential partner. Yet, while people are encouraged to be themselves in their bio, it’s just not enough to help potential partners envision the real you. Photos speak a thousand words. It will be a good thing if you post a photo of yourself enjoying your favorite hobby, or a photo showing you in a place you have traveled to.

Do you like eating out? Skating? Biking? Mountain Climbing? Share a photo of you doing what you love! A clean photo of yourself in a white background is okay, but a photo of you actively doing something you love is better. Make sure that you remember tip #1 (clear photo), though.

Be careful with the photos you choose to share

Sometimes, people get so excited about setting up the online dating profiles that they unintentionally share too many photos. This is one of the things that people need to be careful of. Take the time to make sure that there isn’t any sensitive information in the photos you’ve posted. Sensitive information includes phone numbers, street signs, home address, passwords, IDs and the like. There are creepy people lurking on the internet and you wouldn’t want to be their victim. Be aware and don’t compromise your security.

Put some in effort into taking your photos

Online dating is pretty straightforward if you think about it. One look at the computer screen, a little reading of the profile section and you can decide if this person is the “one” you’ve been looking for. It’s a given that people should spend extra time and effort in taking the photos they’re going to post online. The more effort they put into it, the higher the chances are that someone will notice their profiles.

If you don’t put in enough effort on your online dating profile, don’t expect that you’ll get any responses or matches. Not putting in any effort will reflect on your profile and will show that either you’re lazy or you just don’t take online dating seriously.

Strive to be better than just plain or basic

Playing safe is what most people do when setting up a profile on dating websites. However, those who are serious about finding a lifetime partner using online dating sites, wouldn’t want to date someone who answers every question as if they’re in a Miss USA pageant. Try not to go over the top, but also try to stand out in your own way. Posting photos that show how unique and special you are will speak volumes.


There seems to be a lot of things to remember when setting up an online dating profile but it’s not complicated at all. These are all just common sense tips, actually. Photos say a thousand words, so sit back, check your profile and start updating your photos. Follow the tips listed above so you can have the best online dating profiles!

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