6 Qualities To Look For In A Woman To Marry

June 19, 2019 at 12.55pm by in Slavic Women
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You’ve been dating a while. You’ve made a commitment. You’ve moved in together. Everything seems practically idyllic. You love her. She loves you. And you want to spend the rest of your life with her.

But is she really the one?

Marriage is never going to be a passing whim.  It requires not just time and energy, but sacrifice. In the first throes of a relationship, it’s very easy to assume the best about your partner. She’ll be faithful. She’ll be loyal. She’ll be supportive. She’ll share your values. And above all, the certifiably dynamic chemistry you share will never fade.

But first impressions can sometimes lie. The fact is, a happy marriage is never guaranteed. While you may be willing to put in the necessary work to ensure your time together is productive and satisfying, are you sure she’s willing to? Marriage is an equal exchange. You only get what you put in.

Before you take the plunge, you may want to ask yourself what exactly you’re looking for. Who will you marry? Who do you want to marry? What qualities does your ideal wife possess? What can she offer you that no one else can? What flaws are you willing to tolerate? What flaws aren’t you willing to? How does she complete you? Does she even need to? Above all, what makes her a good woman worth marrying?

Goals and values are highly personal things. And while your partner might not share yours in every respect, they should still be as supportive of them as much as you might be of theirs.  Common ground. Mutual respect. These are the cornerstones of a happy and productive marriage. But you have to know what you’re looking for first. Here’s what to look for in a good woman to marry:


It’s the bedrock of any relationship, both professionally and personally. Without it, there is no harmony. No trust. And no understanding. So why is it so difficult to come by?

Part of the reason is because manipulation is a defense mechanism we frequently use rather than face the truth about ourselves. We’ve all experienced it to some degree or another, sometimes at an early age. It’s a cycle we can stop. But if you’re going to spend the rest of your life with a woman, there needs to be a fundamental acceptance of both of your flaws as well as your virtues. And that requires transparency. If you can’t be upfront with your wife, you can’t expect her to be upfront with you. Acceptance of one another is a two way street in marriage.


There’s a very strong chance the woman you will wind up marrying may not share all of your goals and ambitions, and that’s a good thing. It shows independence. It shows she has a mind of her own. But she should have some clearly defined set of goals in her life. Without them, she’s directionless—and neither family nor a life together can be built without direction.

It may be that you have two fundamentally different outlooks on life. Are you willing to accept hers without sacrificing your own? This tends to present a problem for many couples unwilling to recognize that differences are complementary, not conflicting. Recognizing that the woman you want to marry has dreams and goals of her own doesn’t necessarily mean belittling yours, but working together despite any seeming differences.


Neither of you may be looking to start a family of your own. Nor should you feel ashamed if you don’t. Choosing not to raise children is a personal choice, and isn’t a concern of anyone else. But you can’t forget your roots. For better or worse, your family played a role in shaping you. And the same can be said of your partner.

If you have decided to make the commitment to raising a family make certain that you both are fully prepared for the task that lies ahead. It requires a sacrifice unlike any other you may have made before. It means nights without sleep. It means putting someone else’s needs before yours. It means a strength unlike anything you may have felt was inside of you. And it means to love and compassion far beyond what you and she may share. Take all of these into consideration.


Love is rarely a rational thing. It comes about suddenly, and sometimes with the most unlikely people. And for the most part, we realize and accept this for being what it is: maddening, frustrating, invigorating and something we wouldn’t want to change for anything else.

But there’s a difference between the irrationality of love and a wholesale lack of reason. Disagreements and the occasional spat will be inevitable; but stubbornness and anger aren’t qualities anyone should look for in a wife. They’re not healthy in any relationship, marital or otherwise. If she’s prone to fits of jealousy with no apparent cause or takes the slightest criticism less than constructively, these are red flags that you may want to reevaluate whether or not your life together will be productive.


Women often state that the most attractive part of a man is his brain. Why should it be any different for you?

Looks fade. And physical standards of beauty can change over time. But intelligence never goes out of style. If a woman is incapable of holding a meaningful conversation with you for more than two minutes, then ask yourself: are you looking for a wife or simply a trophy? Because if it’s the latter, you should reconsider whether or not marriage is something you’re ready to commit to. 


Communication. Warmth. Loyalty. We all know they’re necessary to any successful marriage. But how many relationships have you been in where they’re lacking?

Chances are, quite a few. Which is why it’s fundamental to find yourself in a relationship which is as nurturing as it is exciting. Marriage can’t entered into half-heartedly if you expect it to survive. Both you and your wife deserve each other’s warmth, compassion and support without question. Anything less is merely a question of convenience. And you may find convenience will frequently be more trouble than it’s actually worth. Don’t waste your time with anything less than the love and affection you deserve.

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      We suggest you communicate with the women before you travel so that you know each other and can develop the relationship when you meet.

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