A great international relationship is very therapeutic

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A successful love life has many therapeutic qualities. For example, it can give you a sense of security, a sense of belonging and true love. These are very important for your health and wellbeing in general. No wonder love is the permanent theme of human beings, even though the pop culture may have exaggerated the importance of love to some degree. 😊 Well, what I would like to say is if you can’t be happily single, you also can’t be happily married, because you must have psychological independence in the first place.

What activities are therapeutic?

Five years ago, I went to a party on the beach with some friends that I met at a personal development seminar. We were talking about how to overcome anxiety and stress in life in general. I said something along the lines of, “Most people struggle because they are not okay with how they feel. If they are okay with it, they will actually feel better. It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s true.” My friends told me that my statement was very therapeutic, “That’s a very good point.” Actually, if I didn’t go to that party, I wouldn’t come up with that idea in the first place. In other words, being in a community gave me inspiration. Therefore, it can be seen that a sense of belonging is very therapeutic.

When you are in a romantic relationship, your partner is there to support you and love you. That is to say, a relationship may inspire you, apart from giving you a sense of belonging.

In an international relationship, two people come from two different cultures. In this way, you are more likely to learn a different way to look at things in life. Tim Ferriss famously said, “When you learn a new language, you actually have a new way to look at life. It’s very eye-opening.”

Indeed, if your partner is from a different culture, she gives you a new approach to life in general. Of course, this will give you inspiration.

Here is a list of therapeutic activities that you can do with your Eastern European wife:

  1. Read a book together and start a book club (only you two are in this book club).
  2. Travel together and enjoy a holiday in an exotic place.
  3. Give or receive a massage regularly.
  4. Write a gratitude journal together.
  5. Dwell on past happiness, e.g. the quality time you spent in Spain, the trip that broadened your horizon, etc.

Other therapeutic qualities of an international relationship:

Let me ask you this question: When was the last time you had fun like a child? Actually, playing like a child is very therapeutic. Everyone needs downtime and play time every day in order to have optimal health and wellbeing.

When you are in a relationship, you can invite your Eastern European lady to enjoy some joyful time together. Perhaps you can go to the beach and walk in the sand. Or maybe you can order takeout and watch Netflix tonight so nobody needs to cook!

Remember: Always allow yourself to be happier. Life is short, and each moment is important. Thus, you have to give yourself the permission to be happier. If you are already happily married, you are supposed to be even happier!

David Burns is a published author who invented the mood therapy which is used to treat depression and anxiety. In his book Feeling Good, he talks about the difference between 100% recovery and 200% recovery. Basically, 100% recovery means the individual does not have symptoms anymore, whereas 200% recovery means the individual not only has zero symptom, but also feel extremely enlightened!

Re-frame some experiences in the past.

I know some people can’t enjoy their new relationships because they have been traumatized by their previous relationships that have already failed. That’s more common than you think.

Truthfully, you can’t forget your past. That is very normal, and it’s a fact. But you can always reframe your past. Let me explain.

Michael Johnson, the mojo master, is a high-performance coach in Australia. He maintains that because he was bullied at school, he decided to be a successful person. That’s why he has built a wildly successful business in Australia. When people ask him whether he hates those who bullied him in the past, he literally says, “I became successful because of them. They gave me the motivation to succeed. There is no one to forgive. Forgiveness means hiding someone in the corner so you don’t have to look at them. In contrast, when you have nobody to forgive, you become truly empowered.”

Obviously, Michael Johnson has turned painful experiences in the past into tremendous gratitude! Isn’t that powerful?!

Sometimes you may still think about your terrible relationships in the past or even have nightmares about those failed relationships. Just be okay with it. Those thoughts will disappear gradually.

“Do not let your past pain run your life. Appreciate your new international relationship now.”

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