Advice from legitimate Ukrainian dating sites: How to get over your ex

June 14, 2022 at 3.45pm by in Dating advice
legitimate Ukrainian dating sites

She is gone. You want to be a strong man, yet you can’t stop thinking of her 24/7. You know you must move on, but you still have very strong feelings for your ex. The advice from legitimate Ukrainian dating sites will help you mend your heart today. 

  • Be honest about what has already happened.

When you are still in pain, you might think you will never get over your ex. Nevertheless, as time goes by, you can look back on the past without pain.

First of all, you have to fully accept that the relationship is already over. Usually, people might indulge in denial after a breakup, but please acknowledge the fact that this relationship ended for a reason. You’d better write down a list of the reasons why this relationship has failed so that you can gain perspective from this experience.

Remember: anger can be a defense from more pain; nonetheless, in the long term, anger harms you more because holding onto anger merely allows your ex to keep exerting control over your feelings, thereby getting in your way of moving on with your life.

That means forgiving your ex doesn’t necessarily mean freeing your ex; it just frees you from holding onto hurt and anger so that you can actually move on. By the way, please don’t try to win your ex back!

  • You only did what you could with what you knew at that time, so don’t blame yourself!

You might wonder, “What would happen if I did that differently?” You might think about ways you could have saved that relationship.

Sadly, this isn’t a healthy pattern because you cannot change your past. At that time, you only did what you could with the resources you had – you already did your best.

legitimate Ukrainian dating sites
  • Give yourself a lot of time.

In terms of your ex, you would be well-advised to renegotiate your boundaries. If it’s possible, please disconnect from social media. Checking up on your ex on social media to see what she is doing is definitely a bad habit because it will simply intensify your pain or anger when you see your ex starts dating someone else.

What’s more, you can change your routines. If both you and your ex often went to ABC café, you should try XYZ coffee shop instead. Oftentimes, long-term relationships entail a mingling of identities, which means it’s hard to reestablish yourself on your own now. Yet it’s time to start something you love that your ex-partner didn’t like, e.g., reading books or going to the gym.

Experts from legitimate Ukrainian dating sites point out that spending more time working is an effective way to cope with the pain caused by a breakup because when you focus on your career, you change what you pay attention to. Meanwhile, working a lot gives you a reward – you improve your finances, become more productive, get a promotion, etc.

Of course, it doesn’t mean you are supposed to be a workaholic from now on. Actually, it’s important to have some work/life balance. Therefore, you would be well-advised to analyze your schedule and look at when to focus on your work and when to look after yourself.

“Dating advisors from legitimate Ukrainian dating sites state that almost everyone has had a painful breakup in their life, so that’s absolutely normal. You simply need to learn from the experience and move on bravely.”

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