How to meet women in Eastern Europe

women in Eastern Europe

If you visit Eastern Europe and would like to meet women in Eastern Europe, it’s actually easier than you think in modern-day society because there are many high-quality single ladies looking for “the dream guy”. After working with both men and women for many years, we can confirm that single ladies are very, very keen to meet men nowadays. Now please clarify what kind of women you prefer and figure out where they are, and you should be there, too! (Think university campuses, cruise ships, etc.)

  • How to filter women and find the right person: In order to find quality, quantity matters!

If you choose one out of one option, we can almost guarantee that it’s a pretty bad choice. In contrast, if you have many options in front of you, you can choose the best woman among them. Thus, it’s time for you to meet as many women as possible now.

Context is very important while meeting women – if you meet strangers in the street or approach women in a coffee shop in the day time, that requires the highest level of game, because women don’t expect men to approach them in that context in today’s day and age. However, if you approach women at a party, they already expect romance to happen because that’s the right context. That means women at a party are “qualified” women, so this approach requires the lowest level of game – it’s just easier. (But it doesn’t mean women who go to parties are better. That’s why “university campuses and cruise ships” were mentioned earlier.)

Speaking of meeting women on university campuses, you can do some research online and find out which restaurants or cafes inside and outside university campuses are places where students frequent. It’s easier to do day game at university because female students expect to meet men at university. If you are not a student (maybe you are in your 30s or 40s), you can say you come to this university to use its library or to look for a book at its campus bookstore. You can also look around the campus and find out if there are any flyers about students’ activities / events / cocktail parties / masquerade parties…. And you should be there too, as long as they accept people outside their university to join (it’s totally possible, because our clients have done that again and again as these days tickets are purchased online). If they ask you why you are attending their cocktail party, you can say something like “I really like your club/society” or “I happened to be near here today, so I just wanted to see what’s happening here tonight”. Most of the time, they are only happy that you are there because that means they have sold one more ticket! Interestingly, they usually care less when it comes to why you are there, since most people have 1,001 things in their head about themselves – they are not going to analyze or overthink why you are there. Oftentimes, a woman that you are talking to at a party is actually thinking about what you are thinking of her! When you attend their parties, make sure you dress well and be the high-value and sophisticated guy. Chances are boys who are still studying at university can’t compete with mature men because younger guys aren’t experienced and don’t have enough resources – they have lower value than mature guys. Nevertheless, younger women in their early 20s are at their prime time. Smart and switched-on younger women would prefer someone a bit older than them because most of their male classmates at university don’t really match their standards anyway.

  • How to meet women on a cruise ship:

As to a cruise ship, you will be glad to know that spending 7-14 days in an environment like that helps you get women because exposure leads to attraction – you are spending several very intense days with some woman continuously, so it’s much easier to build chemistry in that context. (Note that the theory “exposure leads to attraction” also explains why office affairs are so commonplace.)

Of course, if you are not in Eastern Europe, you can still meet Eastern European women on our website!

“Here is how to meet high-quality Eastern European women by choice, not by chance.”

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