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According to an international dating expert, alpha behavior is more attractive than beta behavior because women like masculine men – an alpha man is confident and assertive, whereas a beta guy is anxious and submissive. However, you shouldn’t be alpha at all times. Let me explain.

You don’t have to be in charge all the time.

Most of the time, you are supposed to be the leader in the romantic relationship. Nevertheless, at times some behaviors which aren’t totally alpha can be attractive. In addition, certain behaviors are surely paramount in terms of creating a beautiful connection with a woman.

When you start a conversation with a lady in a coffee shop, your attitude should be gentle (shouldn’t be too alpha). You don’t want to get into her personal space by putting both hands on the lady’s table. In fact, your body language has to be friendly and approachable so that she will be relaxed!

Additionally, when you talk to a lady that you are interested in and suddenly other guys approach this lady as well, you must be cool and absolutely relaxed. In this case, if you are bothered by competitors, it means you don’t even allow other men to compete with you for this beautiful lady – this alpha attitude is counterproductive because it means you are insecure and worried. In contrast, if you are 100% unfazed and okay with that, you are showing your confidence as well as personal security in the right context.

Clearly, you don’t have to be in control 24/7.

Your lady is supposed to give you ideas regarding the next date.

Of course, ladies appreciate you more if you proactively make specific plans for the date beforehand, as women admire leaders. As a result, if you tell your lady the plan for your very first date, she will like you more. Nonetheless, when you have to plan each date according to what you want to do, chances are she wouldn’t be happy forever. So, what is the solution?

The solution is to listen to what kind of dates your lady likes or discover a good activity to share with her.

Let me make this really clear: if it’s the 1st date, yes, you should totally tell her that you have a plan already so that she will feel secure and say yes, e.g., “Let’s get a coffee and then go to the museum. There is a new activity in the museum this Friday.”

Yet the 2nd date can be quite different, for you can encourage your lady to contribute to the plan. You can show your lady that you care enough to come up with a plan, but you are still open to discussion, e.g., “What about going to the gallery on Thursday afternoon? They say the gallery has a new exhibition this week.” Then you carefully listen to your lady’s input so you’ll create a good plan that works for both of you.

Strong men are able to say “I’m sorry”.

Many years ago, I was in a relationship with a guy who couldn’t apologize. I remember when there was a problem, he said to me, “Whenever there is an issue, I always think it’s completely my fault/responsibility.” – He said that only because he wanted me to think it was my fault by encouraging me to operate in the way that he described; he couldn’t apologize to me at all (he was worried that I might blame him – he didn’t want to be responsible for that, so he was playing mind games with me while assuming I was young and stupid). Fortunately, he didn’t know me very well (Luckily, I’m a smart cookie, so I left him as soon as I could).

Realistically, a guy who cannot apologize is weak as his ego is his enemy. Sadly, a large number of alpha guys believe that apologizing is not a masculine behavior; hence, they insist their viewpoints (they want to be strong, determined and … alpha!)

Ideally, you’d better admit it if you did something wrong, e.g., “I’m so sorry. It wasn’t my intention. Now I totally understand why that bothers you.” Honestly, the ability to apologize means you’re a cool and mature man who can effectively communicate with your lady.

A dictatorship won’t last, so you have to build a genuine relationship with your lady. Nobody is happy to be with a dictator forever.

Don’t try to be alpha just because you want to perform for ladies or impress ladies. Frankly, performing for women shows profound insecurity. Sad but true.
If you must perform for your woman frequently, you wouldn’t even see what she really likes. Moreover, you wouldn’t allow her to accept you as who you really are. Thus, my suggestion is to be an honest man, not an alpha man. It’s time to embrace modern manhood with integrity.

“Your integrity is of vital importance in international dating.”

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  • Leon

    Sounds like a lot of acting.
    Isn’t acting meant for Cinema? I think pretending leads to disaster down the line! Just keep it real either you like each other or you don’t.


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