Authenticity is the key to a successful international relationship

August 17, 2021 at 7.15am by in Dating advice
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According to the recent news about international dating, sustainable, happy and satisfying relationships are best characterized by trust and integrity. 😊

Why you must be vulnerable in relationships:

If you never show your vulnerabilities in relationships, you will never meet the right person because you are hiding who you really are. When you aren’t honest, your partner is literally having a relationship with your representative rather than the real you.

You will only meet the right person if you are able to share your vulnerabilities with your partner – the right person will support you instead of using your vulnerabilities against you. Of course, if someone uses your vulnerabilities against you, it’s a huge red flag, so you must leave that person. In contrast, if someone supports you because of your vulnerabilities, that’s a huge green flag!

Clearly, when you are honest with your partner, your integrity will help you to build trust with the right person. Trust is the foundation for a strong emotional connection / friendship in a romantic relationship.

Many men are unwilling to talk about their vulnerabilities / insecurities because they think they might turn off their partners if they do that. Actually, the right woman will feel closer to you if you share your vulnerabilities / insecurities. The wrong woman will be turned off – you’d better know it sooner rather than later.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean you must talk about all your insecurities on the first date. It only means you are not supposed to hide your vulnerabilities and insecurities when you are in a real relationship.

Why trust is so important:

Denmark is considered the happiest country in the world because Danish people live a happy lifestyle in general. In their society, almost 80% of the population trust everyone they meet, so it’s very common for Danish mothers to leave their babies outside the coffee shop when they purchase coffee. This must be impossible in English-speaking countries.

The regular person in an English-speaking country doesn’t even trust 80% of their relatives, let alone strangers. Period.

When trust is commonplace, people feel significantly happier. So, if you are in a romantic relationship, cultivating trust is so key. Of course, you need to choose the right person in the first place.

Last week I interviewed Angus W., an American psychologist who is happily married to a Ukrainian wife. “People who trust others are less stressed, so they are generally happier and probably even live longer,” says Angus W., “In psychology, trust is key in every relationship because the prerequisite of building a real relationship is trust. Without trust, a relationship doesn’t really exist.”

How to build a high-quality relationship on an international dating site:

If you’ve joined an international dating website like Ukraine Brides Agency, the first step is to get women to be interested in you. That means you are supposed to proactively contact Ukrainian women online. In psychology, this step is called ‘engagement’, i.e., women start to notice you and pay attention to you. 😉

The second step is to build trust. This is the most important step of all. In order to make a Ukrainian woman trust you, you have to be sincere and show respect at all times. Honesty is highly valued by the Ukrainian culture, so if you’ve lied to a Ukrainian lady, she won’t trust you anymore. End of story.

Ukrainian ladies on this international dating site are looking for authentic relationships. We have interviewed every lady before they can create a dating profile in our database. In this way, we know that only genuine ladies from Ukraine are on our website. This is our way to make sure that men have positive dating experiences online here.

When trust is built, you will start a real relationship with a woman. That’s when you begin to cultivate emotional connection in a genuine manner. That’s when the magic happens! 😉

“A relationship starts when the emotional connection becomes solid.”

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