How to start a relationship with an Eastern European lady online: 4 steps

Eastern European women

If you are a newbie on a dating site, you may want to learn this structure: There are 4 steps when you are looking to build a relationship with a woman on a dating website. Interestingly, dating and sales/marketing are very similar because you are selling an idea to a woman; in sales & marketing, there are four steps: engagement – building trust – building relationships – selling something. Similarly, the way you approach internet dating can also incorporate these four steps as long as you are well-calibrated and know how to adjust things according to the context.

  • Step 1: Ask “How are you?” so that you will be able to use an uncommon word quickly and get her attention immediately.

This step is called engagement. You engage her attention first. She will say “I’m fine. Thank you. How are you?” Then you say “I feel sprightly.” Now you use an uncommon word to get her attention fast. She will pay attention to every word you say.

  • Step 2: You say “I’m [insert your name]. What’s your name?”

Usually, many men would combine Step 1 with Step 2, so the message is “I feel sprightly.  I’m David. What’s your name?” to get a better impact. But you need to know these are actually two different steps in psychology.

You tell her your name first, so she will have to tell you her name due to Law of Reciprocity. This step is called building trust. (I know sharing names isn’t really a big deal, but this step helps two people feel like they aren’t total strangers anymore instantly.) Remember to use her name in your messages later on, e.g., “Thanks for sharing that, Victoria. I’m impressed.” (She feels closer to you psychologically because you mention her name often.)

Eastern European women

Step 3: Use story-telling to your advantage.

No, I’m not saying you will write stories and show her what you’ve written. I mean dull questions don’t require dull answers. In other words, if she asks you basic questions such as “How was your day today?”, you shouldn’t say “It’s good.” In fact, you should give her a longer answer such as “Today I’m in a very good mood because I just bought Robert Greene’s new book. I’m really looking forward to reading this book.” In this way, you indicate: 1) You have an interesting lifestyle with hobbies such as reading. 2) You value knowledge.

I’m sure this Eastern European woman will find your response fascinating. As a result, you are building a relationship with her through story-telling.

Step 4: You organize a video / audio chat with her.

You would be well-advised to have a video / audio chat with the Eastern European lady as soon as possible because you need to make sure: A) she looks like her photos; B) both of you are on the same wavelength. This is paramount if her English proficiency is important to you. Of course, Eastern European ladies on are learning English on a daily basis in order to communicate with foreign men well.

Having a video date online is key, so you should sell this idea to her when it’s necessary.

Of course, women are different, and you have to be well-calibrated in order to find the right relationship. But if you’ve fully understood the above-mentioned structure, you will be able to succeed in your love life.

Please note that on, we only accept women who are at least 23 years old because according to our experience, women who are reasonably mature are better candidates, whereas much younger women only want to date exciting men as they have unrealistic ideas. This is sad but true.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying men on are not exciting. I mean a lot of men in western countries have ‘the nice guy syndrome’; consequently, they are exciting except the way they communicate with women – when a woman is talking with a guy who has ‘the nice guy syndrome’, she probably feels like she is talking to a 60-year-old grandmother who is so nice – there is no erotic friction / erotic polarity. Does that make sense? So, if you also have ‘the nice guy syndrome’, you may need to work on this area from now on. Not having erotic friction / erotic polarity is not your fault. This problem is very common amongst men in English-speaking countries where the ‘nice guy syndrome’ is almost everywhere.

“Eastern European women are attracted to alpha men.”

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