Be that guy: How to build chemistry & attraction with Ukrainian women

Ukrainian ladies

Think about the breadth/width of your conversation with a woman. Do you always have new things to talk about all the time?

  • Are you a reader?

If you don’t have many interesting things to say, you should read a book a week. Then you will read 52 books a year and always have new things to talk about with single women from Ukraine. The average Joe only reads 2 or 3 books a year, so if you can read at least 12 books a year, you will become a very interesting man within 12 months (of course, I know some men who actually read 52 books a year).

Another way to become a more interesting man is to learn a new word a day (or at least a new word a week). Make sure you accumulate high-level words so that you can become a master conversationalist faster.

Figure out your own unique selling points (USPs). What are you very good at? How can you benefit from your own assets? Derek Moneyberg famously said, “I only have a few thousand followers on the Internet, and I have many friends who have millions of followers online, but they choose to be my friends. You may wonder why that is happening. Well, those with millions of followers don’t know how to monetize their assets, so they want to learn it from me.” I know what Derek Moneyberg says is about business, but that idea also applies to dating and relationships (dating is the only situation where two people are both selling and buying at the same time). If you have unique selling points (USPs), you can benefit from your own assets in many ways, including attracting Ukrainian women in record time.

Of course, when I say “assets”, I’m not just talking about properties/stocks that bring you money; I’m also talking about your talent, knowledge and skills – these things bring you more than money.

A great way to start a conversation is, “So, I’m curious…” (pause). This will make a Ukrainian woman interested in you and curious about you.

If she asks you boring questions, remember that boring questions don’t require boring answers. Let’s say she asks you, “How are you?” You can say, “I’m feeling sprightly this morning.” “Amazing!” “I just felt it’s the best day of my life. I just had animal biscuits. I haven’t had animal biscuits since when I was 12 years old.” “My life just got better because you are here now.”

At the end of the date, instead of saying “See you”, you can say “See you later, lovely.” This makes you look endearing. So, as you can see, the key is to break social norms and become creative in your conversations.

woman from Ukraine
  • Are you irresistible… and irreplaceable?

Once you’ve become irreplaceable, she will think, “This guy is amazing. He is not like anyone else I’ve met. I need to keep him.”

Note that a typical Ukrainian lady secretly fantasizes about meeting “the one” as well. Therefore, you should go for influence, not control. You can’t logically convince her to be with you. If you have to convince her to love you, she already doesn’t love you. If you have to persuade her to respect you, then she doesn’t respect you & never will. That means you can’t control her, but you can influence her decisions.

Don’t take yourself too seriously until it is serious. You have to allow attraction to grow first.

Attraction is about having a woman a little off-balance in the beginning. You can’t be too predictable. The thought you want her to have is, “Where are things going with this guy? I hope he wants to see me again. I wonder what he is like in a relationship. Does he date a lot?”

In the beginning, you want her to only be thinking about the fact that she enjoys your company & she wonders what plans you have in the long term.

If marrying a Ukrainian woman is your dream and you can’t stop thinking about it, you must treat it seriously.

“If you are a single guy looking for love, you may go out and proactively meet new people. Go to the same places frequently and go to a new venue to re-invent yourself & raise your energy. Even if you are having a coffee break at work, you can talk to people at the coffee machine. Also, don’t forget to build an identity outside of work. This will make you a more interesting man.”

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