Why You Are Single (international dating advice)

November 8, 2020 at 2.08pm by in International Dating
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Have you had any of these experiences below?

⦁ You walk into a party alone and notice that everyone else has brought their partner to the party. You are the only single person in the crowd. It’s an intimidating experience.

⦁ People ask you, “Why are you single?” You don’t know how to answer that question.

⦁ Your family and friends always want to know when you will get married. That makes you even want to avoid them.

⦁ Late at night, you are alone in bed. You are wondering, “When will I be married and end this loneliness?”

⦁ Are you investing in the wrong areas of your life?

Many men think if they become wildly successful, they will attract women. But in truth, success alone won’t make a man attractive because there is a difference between attractive possessions and attractive behavior, according to international dating experts.

Garry is a successful man running an extremely successful company. He has a mansion near the beach and drives a very fancy car. After working so hard for so many years, Garry thinks his success would help him attract women, but he hasn’t got any results in his love life in spite of his career achievements and financial success.

Further analysis shows that Garry doesn’t have attractive behavior. Whenever he is interacting with a woman that he is attracted to, he becomes needy and clingy. That turns the woman off immediately – in reality, women can smell a men’s neediness from a mile away.

Technically, when you have more success in your career, you need less attractive behavior; if you have less success in your career, you need more attractive behavior. That being said, if your only strength is your career success, then you may not be able to attract the right woman. A genuine woman would love you for who you are instead of what you have, according to an international dating expert.

That means you should invest in your knowledge about female psychology and your dating skills if you are looking to improve your love life. So, it’s time to read some books about this topic or join an online program which teaches these important skills in life.

⦁ Are you afraid of telling people around you that you are single and looking for love?

Many single people have this fear: They are afraid of telling people around them that they are single and looking for love. Further examination shows that these single individuals don’t want to look needy at all.

Well, there is nothing wrong with you if you tell people around you that you’re single and looking for a partner. Telling people that you trust about this truth does not make you needy.

An international dating consultant maintains that in order to maximize your chance of finding a good partner, you should tell people in your social circle that you are looking for love. In this way, other people may help you in this regard.

Next time you walk into a party where other people have brought their partners there, you should approach a group of people rather than a couple. Join that group’s conversation and become the charismatic and high-value guy that everyone envies! Remember to dress well when you attend a party. Once you’ve become their friend, they will probably introduce someone suitable to you later on. You never know what could happen until you try this strategy!

Barry tried this strategy a while ago. He joined a group at a party. Someone in that group invited him to another party where he met his current Slavic girlfriend! One thing led to another. That’s how it works!

So, you should just do stuff because stuff leads to stuff. That’s how you make progress every day.

⦁ How to answer “Why are you single?”

When people ask you that horrible question, this is your answer: “I’m currently looking for a wonderful connection; if I didn’t find that great connection, I wouldn’t settle for less.”

Now you are showing your standards. Indeed, never settle for less. If you settle for less, you will only get less than what you settle for. Why disappoint yourself?

If your family and friends ask you why you are single, you can even playfully say this to them, “Do you know anyone that I can meet? I’m happy to go to a blind date.” Now the ball is in their court.

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