Become a confident guy and attract Ukrainian women

November 22, 2020 at 11.09am by in Dating advice

Do you know who you really are? Truthfully, when you know your strengths and play to your strengths, you will find out the purest form of who you are.This will surely help you attract Ukrainian women.

Find out your strengths.

What did you enjoy doing when you were a child?Every child knows what makes them happy. Now ask yourself, “When I was 5 or 6 years old, what did I love doing?” Chances are those are activities that make you genuinely happy today. You know what, things that make you truly happy are the most sustainable activities that you will want to do in the long term. And interestingly, those things tend to become your strengths as well!

For example, Linda liked writing stories when she was a child. Now she is leveraging her writing skills and creativity to work as a successful copy writer. She says she has the most satisfying job!

What is obvious to you but it’s amazing to other people?Everyone has some talent in certain areas. For instance, Jessica is good at art. She didn’t pay attention to that strength previously. But due to the pandemic, she has lost her job. So, in order to make a living, Jessica quickly learned graphic design online and has become a professional graphic designer – now all she needs to do is to run her freelance business on the Internet. As I’m typing this message now, her business has gained traction already.

Fixed Mindset or Growth Mindset?

Basically, someone with a fixed mindsetdoesn’t believe that they can still learn, grow and change. In contrast, someone with a growth mindset definitely believe that they can keep growing because they are a student of life.

Be a lifelong learner.Many people never open a book after graduation from university or school. But the fact that you are reading this message means you aren’t one of them! You are eager to keep learning.

Be an avid reader. Leaders are readers. I know a very intelligent Ukrainian woman who reads a book per week: She listens to an audiobook when she is working out in the gym. That’s why she can read 52 books every year.

Do you have a reading list?

Never-ending improvement:Reading books is just a part of the plan. If reading books alone can make you wildly successful, then librarians must be the most successful people in the world.

Well, there is nothing wrong with librarians! I’m just trying to make this point: Apart from reading books, you also need to improve other areas of your life, including meeting the right people and building a powerful social circle that can support you & help you achieve success.

Eliminate limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs are the real reason why some people can’t become a better version of themselves. So, it’s very important to stop limiting beliefs!

Discover new possibilities.What are you curious about right now? Your curiosity can lead you to something new, something unexpected and something eye-opening.

Note that I didn’t say “your passion is the key to your success”. Here I’m just saying when you possibly have some limiting beliefs, you should start from your curiosity.

Sometimes you know you probably have some limiting beliefs, but you don’t really know what they actually are. So, exploring your curiosity can become a very enlightening experience.

Let’s say you are curious about how a well-known guy achieved success in his career. Now what you need to do is to read his autobiography!

Build some new beliefs.The best way to eliminate an old belief is to create a new belief in your brain. This new, empowering belief will replace the old, limiting belief.

The pandemic gives you more time to relax at home, think about what you want to work on and learn new things. In this process, you are more likely to find new beliefs that you should have via podcasts, books, documentaries, etc.

Things you should not expect from others:

Disappointment usually comes from wanting others to satisfy your expectations. Truthfully, most of the time no one has the obligation to fulfil your expectations. Here are three things that you shouldn’t expect from others:

Never expect other people to be responsible for your happiness.Even your spouse and your children are not responsible for your happiness because only you are responsible for your happiness.

Your Ukrainian wifeand your children can try to make you happy, but at the end of the day, you are the only person who is 100% responsible for everything that’s happening in your life.

“Never expect other people to like everything you do.Yes, I’m here to tell you that some people will hate what you do. That’s just the unpleasant realism that everyone has to accept.”

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