Communication with Ukrainian women: Conversation techniques that you need

Ukrainian women

The ability to have interesting conversations is so key because this ability influences many aspects of your life, including your work, your personal relationships, etc. Have you tried the following conversation techniques when you communicate with Ukrainian women?

  • Ask more ‘wh’-questions and less ‘yes/no’ questions.

Many men ask a lot of yes/no questions such as “Can we date?” I remember a few years ago when I was at a party, I met a guy who was obviously very interested in me. He asked me “Can we date?” And then he gave me his phone number and asked me to text him!

An alpha guy would not ask “Can we date?” Actually, an alpha guy would ask “What’s your phone number?” and text me first. He would ask me out for a date. Even if I may not feel the attraction at the beginning, I might be turned on by his alpha trait later on.

So, clearly, I didn’t go out with that guy whom I met at the party.

When you ask fewer yes/no questions and more wh-questions, you increase your perceived value quickly. That means you are more assertive and you don’t have “the nice guy syndrome” which turns women off instantly.

Of course, there are many ways to increase your perceived value. You may want to take some notes!

  • How to increase your perceived value effortlessly:

Let me show you several examples.

  1. If she asks you three questions in one text message, you only answer two questions in your response.
  • When you are on a date with a woman and the interaction goes well, you can say, “There is some mascara here” while naturally removing it from her face.
  • If she wears a black dress, you can ask her, “Why do you wear a black dress today?”

The mascara and the black dress examples achieve these effects: A) you aren’t criticizing her appearance; B) she wonders whether she is beautiful enough for you, so she will work harder to please you. That’s a combination of being kind and being aggressive in the right ways at the same time.

Remember: very beautiful women don’t date their fans. They only date their equals. Better still, you need to make a woman feel that your value is actually higher because a lot of women secretly want to date someone that they don’t even deserve. 😉 This is particularly true in English-speaking countries. I think in Eastern European countries, most women are more practical.

As to your online dating profile, you can always test different profile photos and see which photo has the highest conversion rate.

  • How to ask a woman (or anyone) out:

This principle not only applies to dating, but also applies to all human interactions in many ways.

You send this text message to the person you are interested in meeting: “Hi [insert name]. This Friday afternoon I’m going to Starbucks. The music there is really good. Would you like to join me?” Then based on that person’s response, you will be well-calibrated and find a good time to meet up.

Because you add something like “the music there is really good”, there is an external focus – apart from meeting you in person, she has one more reason to go to Starbucks, so she psychologically feels keener to go there.

If you have some “nice guy syndrome”, you need to remember: your attitude / tone should be kind, but your message should be more aggressive. When you say the place is cool or interesting, you have to be specific, e.g., “the music there is really good”, “the coffee there is the best I’ve ever had”, “they have the most phenomenal Italian food in town”, etc. In this way, you are using an external focus to convince her, so she feels that she shouldn’t miss out on something awesome (without feeling being persuaded by you). That’s how you spark more interest organically.

“Be an alpha guy. Be assertive and confident. That’s how you attract Ukrainian women.”

  • Ken

    Good info. I am highly impressed with you site. I was so glad to see that it was female operated. I expect success here because of your efforts. Thx


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