Dating advice for modern men: What causes a lady to fall out of love with you?

August 8, 2020 at 2.14am by in Slavic Women
dating advice for men

I know a man who has been divorced for three times. Truthfully, he ruined his relationships repeatedly in the same or similar ways without knowing it. You may wonder why a lot of men can’t keep their women for a long time. Is that human nature? Further examination shows that it’s oftentimes a case of toxic traits that drive women away from these guys. These traits usually result in typical signs of a breakup: constant arguments, emotional withdrawal, passive-aggressive comments and financial infidelity. These symptoms are usually the signs of falling out of love and giving up on a marriage.

Note that even if you are a wonderful guy with a good career, a kind heart and amazing friends, you might still drive women away without knowing what happened. Therefore, if you are keen to keep a high-quality Ukrainian wife for the rest of your life, you need to avoid the following habits.

Habit #1: Not giving her enough appreciation.

Women need to be acknowledged and appreciated. Nobody wants to stay in a relationship where their efforts are not even cherished by their partner. If your Ukrainian bride goes out of her way to make your life easier, gives you tremendous attention and radical love, and does something very nice for you in order to please you, you must show her that you truly appreciate her.

Without appreciation, she will feel that you take her for granted. End of story.

A major sign of a woman falling out of love with a man is when she gives up entirely, for she feels that her efforts don’t even make a difference to the treatment she gets from a man.

My advice for you is to make your Ukrainian wife feel great for trying to please you, even if she doesn’t get it right every single time!

Habit #2: Criticizing her choices in life.

No, I’m not asking you to agree with everything she says. However, she won’t like it when she feels that her way of life or career decisions are constantly questioned by her partner.

Let’s say you can’t accept the things a woman wants and that literally drives you mad, you should find someone else instead. Alternatively, you can save your criticism for big things that actually matter rather than criticizing her hair, her shoes and her interests. If something doesn’t really affect you in a negative way, just don’t worry about it.

Habit #3: Reinforcing negativity or complaints.

Yes, it’s important to listen to each other’s issues and concerns. Nevertheless, a lot of individuals unload a large amount of negative emotions onto their wives. And that’s a mistake because it’s incredibly draining and exhausting.

If you do that frequently, she will possibly find excuses for not answering your phone call because she doesn’t want to be stressed out by your stressful energy. That is to say, she might fall out of love with you if she has already associated you with difficulties only.

Habit #4: Not encouraging her independence.

Indeed, intimacy and closeness are paramount in love, yet space is what keeps two individuals stay together in a healthy way.

Of course, you truly love each other and you would like to spend lots of quality time with each other. At the same time, you still need some room to live as individuals – with your family, friends, careers, passions and hobbies. This is key to maintaining the feeling of freshness and excitement when you and your Ukrainian bride come back together again.

In other words, if she feels trapped, she may want to escape. That’s human nature.

Habit #5: Pushing the progress too quickly.

Love needs sufficient time to grow properly, so you can’t really rush it.

Simply because you’ve got real chemistry or feel that she is a perfect catch, it really doesn’t mean you need to push the progress more quickly than she is comfortable with in reality.

Well, if she can’t decide whether this is a relationship or not, that’s a different topic.

Nonetheless, if she is going at her own pace and everything is moving forward in the right way, please resist the urge to push too hard before she is actually ready. I would argue that your Ukrainian girlfriend will tell you her intentions if you honestly ask her. Please decide whether you are okay with her response and allow everything to develop in a natural way. Obviously, Ukrainian ladies on are filtered by our staff members in Ukraine, so we know candidates on our website are looking for serious relationships only.

Then you will enjoy this relationship even more and she will feel that she is with you as she chooses to do this rather than she was forced to make a major decision quickly.

Typical internet dating mistakes that people make unconsciously:

Internet dating is very mainstream nowadays. As a matter of fact, if you use online dating as your main approach correctly, this method is the most effective way to find true love in the digital era.

Frankly, if you do Internet dating wrong, it may result in dating burnout, confusion and frustration.

As I see it, the No. 1 mistake that online daters make is being too picky. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you should lower your standards and settle for less than you deserve. I mean at the beginning of your dating journey you should maximize the number of candidates that you meet so that you have options in the first place.

Note that you should be picky later after you’ve had conversations with these candidates. Yet initially, you would be well-advised to give more people opportunities to talk to you so you will have room to be surprised in a good way.

Meanwhile, you must get on with other things in your life after chatting with women on a dating website. You are supposed to catch up with your friends, go to exciting places and live a passionate life.

Also, if you like a woman that you are chatting with on a dating site, you should start a video chat with her as soon as possible so that you will know whether the chemistry is real or not. In this way, you will see how she is in real-time. Please note that offers a video chat feature with translation services! All of our female candidates in Ukraine are learning English so they can communicate better with guys like you.

Therefore, you should use your time and energy wisely. Then online dating can become a very useful way to find love in record time.

Basically, if a Ukrainian lady admires you and respects you, the prerequisite of a relationship is already present. Apart from that, if she is easy to be around (she is not complaining or getting bored easily), she is a good catch in this day and age. Besides, a multi-dimensional woman who inspires you to be better is someone you should definitely cherish!

“Always have high standards yourself and also expect her to do the same.”

  • Harley

    In my 2.5 years on this site. I have had one video chat with a young girl half my age. Just friends. The others, I find that those I have communicated with have no desires to have a video chat for the following reason:
    1- they use a smartphone to communicate and the internet speeds are so slow, that Video chat is impossible
    2- they do not have a base computer at home or able to make arrangements to find one in an internet cafe or local office. (As for one of the girls I have been communicating with, you would think that after a year of letter writing and chat text she would want to have a video chat) it is what it is- just entertainment for them)
    3- if you base your contact on a woman of choice and she is unable to have a video chat, nothing will come of the relations. It is solely site for paying clients to have some form of entertainment in their life, and for lonely girls to make conversation and nothing more. I have seen the same girl on other sites, but the cost to have Video chat is twice or three times the cost of what it is here. Smoke and mirrors!

    • Keith

      Thank you for your comments.
      Please contact us if there are ladies who continually refuse to accept video chat requests, especially advance chat bookings, and we will investigate to ensure that the reason is genuine. We will ensure that a video chat is arranged for you.


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