Life and dating advice for men: How to improve your performance in love and life

July 14, 2020 at 3.59am by in Dating advice
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When you become happier and more successful, you are more likely to attract the right Ukrainian bride. Therefore, I’d like to help you feel more satisfied in life in general. I hope you will get some key takeaways from this article. 😊

Start from your health and wellbeing.

A study in the United States shows that modern individuals’ productivity in the workplace is actually lower, even though we have so many modern technologies nowadays. Further examination reveals that the quality of sleep isn’t very good in modern-day society. It seems that artificial light and smartphones are bad for your sleep!

Doctors even claim that individuals who sleep for less than six hours at night perform much worse in the workplace than those who sleep for more than seven hours at night, because lack of sleep could result in more mistakes at work. Thus, if you are keen to boost your productivity, you need to improve the quality of sleep at night. Canadian motivational speaker Owen Cook argues that it is important to sleep in a pitch-dark bedroom at night. Owen has been using this method for years by utilizing black plastic bags to black out all windows of the bedroom. Owen has never been ill since 2012. Owen Cook states that good sleep is better than supplements!

Apart from that, you can implement the 80/20 rule to optimize your work. American entrepreneur Tim Ferriss maintains that 80% of his income comes from 20% of his activities in business. Further analysis indicates that the 80/20 rule literally applies to most people’s work and life. Now you can ask yourself, “What are the 20% of my efforts which bring 80% of the results that I want?”

Then you can prioritize these high-leverage activities and get rid of / minimize noises in your system.

Anything that is not growing is literally dying. As a result, an empowered man should keep growing and learning so every area of life will be more fulfilling, energizing and rewarding.

Don’t lose yourself in a romantic relationship.

In order to keep the spark fresh in a relationship with a Ukrainian lady, you need to learn how not to lose yourself in a romantic relationship!

Firstly, always remember that joy is your birthright! Joyful activities literally trigger the release of nitric oxide which is key to optimal health and wellbeing. Dr Christiane Northrup argues that if you would like to prioritize your wellbeing, you have to make time for activities that really bring you true joy and enjoy these activities without any guilt.

Now I’d like to show you a list of joyful activities that I enjoy:

  1. Dancing to the music in my living room;
  2. Painting a picture;
  3. Reading novels;
  4. Having a bath and then watching Gossip Girl;
  5. Writing blog articles.

Secondly, you need to take action towards goals which were set previously. If you wanted to visit Australia for the sand, the sea and the sunshine but you are always busy with busyness at work, I think you should totally book your flight now. Life is short, so if not now, then when?

Thirdly, don’t forget to spend quality time with friends and family. The average individual merely has approximately 30,000 days in this world. Every day is so important.

A high-value guy doesn’t derive all his happiness from his Ukrainian wife. Instead, he thinks that his friends and family are also important, so he spends quality time with these people as well.

Next, remember to give back. If you fill your own cup first, you would always have the strength and energy to give what is overflowing to people around you. You cannot share with anyone if your own cup is not full.

Perhaps you can donate books you’ve read to a charity? Maybe you can become a volunteer in a public school?

Lastly, please mind your own business. Your best gift for your Ukrainian wife is your own happiness. That is to say, when you are happy, your Ukrainian bride will be happier. If you are always upset, she cannot be happy.

Due to this philosophy, an empowered man does not take on others’ problems.

Should nice guys finish last?

There is a real difference between “a nice guy” and “a kind guy”. I would respect a kind guy, yet I wonder if a nice guy is being nice for the right reasons or not. Usually, a nice guy is nice only because he wants to look good and that is a selfish reason.

The nice guy syndrome refers to a nice man who is afraid of offending ladies. Therefore, he wants to be very nice. Sadly, this literally kills attraction and chemistry. For example, a nice guy calls a lady 4 times a day in order to give her radical attention. He sends her 3 emails a day in order to tell her how much he cares. He responds to all her messages instantly and answers every question in her messages immediately. The issue is: there is no perceived challenge, so his perceived value decreases automatically.

I know many ladies say they prefer nice guys, yet that is not really what ladies realistically respond to. Ladies cannot be turned on by nice guys, for ladies want to chase high-value guys, even though ladies do not admit this. A lady logically says, “I would like to date a very nice guy”. Nevertheless, in reality, she wants to date a high-value man who has high standards and knows what he deserves. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean ladies are keen to date jerks. Being a high-value man is very, very different from being an annoying jerk. A high-value man shows perceived challenge – this is a huge turn-on. But an annoying jerk does not really respect ladies.

Don’t worry. There is still hope for nice guys. Nonetheless, my advice is not to play hard-to-get! Note that playing hard-to-get only means you pretend to be a high-value guy rather than actually becoming a high-value guy in life. Thus, the real solution is to have high standards for ladies to meet so you will literally become a high-value man in life. Furthermore, you should totally establish clear boundaries in life so that ladies know how to respect you! Realistically, a lady will treat you in the way that you allow her to treat you.

I know being wildly successful in love, life and business isn’t the easiest thing in the world. I do hope you have learned a thing or two from this article today. An empowered man should be a high-value man that ladies desire instead of a nice guy that ladies want to friend-zone!

How to become a high-value man:

The quickest way to be a high-value guy is to improve your conversational skills because this can be easily trained through reading books on human dynamics and communication. You may even imitate how movie stars and comedians talk and prepare something interesting to say before you go out with a Ukrainian woman.

Of course, a real high-value man attracts the right Ukrainian lady who shares the same or similar values with him. Her values cannot conflict with his values!

“A happy couple have compatible values.”

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