Dating Ukrainian Women: How to be an outstanding conversationalist

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Before you marry a Ukrainian bride, obviously you will meet her in person. For instance, perhaps you would like to go to Ukraine and actually date her for a while before marrying her. That’s totally understandable. When you are on a date with a Ukrainian lady, do you know how to be a good conversationalist?

How to train yourself to listen well:

First of all, you need to maintain eye contact. If you would like to see a good example, you may watch Bill Clinton’s videos on YouTube so that you will see how Bill Clinton maintains eye contact when he is talking to someone.

Here is why Bill Clinton is charismatic:

Furthermore, when someone in the audience asks him a question, Bill Clinton maintains eye contact with that person all the time while answering the question. Towards the end of his answer, Bill Clinton’s body language indicates that he is going to end it, but he still maintains eye contact with that individual. In other words, his feet begin to point at somewhere else, and then slowly, gradually he breaks eye contact. This technique is called “sticky eyes” which makes the person who asked Bill Clinton a question feel that he/she is the only person in the room.

Now you’ve understood the importance of maintaining eye contact.

Therefore, when you take a Ukrainian girl to a coffeehouse for a date, remember to maintain eye contact and try not to look elsewhere when she is talking to you. This shows your respect and interest.

Second, instead of talking about yourself too much on the date with a Ukrainian beauty, you would be well-advised to let her talk more so that you can observe her and consider what you’d really like to find out. Also, you should avoid playing conversation tennis & you’d better play conversation basketball. Let me explain.

Please have a look at two scenarios:

Scenario A:

YOU: What do you do?

HER: Artist.

YOU: Awesome. Do you like it?

HER: Yes. It’s good.

YOU: Excellent. I’m an accountant.

Scenario B:

YOU: What do you do?

HER: Artist.

YOU: That’s great. I think your work must be very interesting and highly creative when you spend a lot of time creating beautiful art. Why do you choose this profession?

Clearly, Scenario A is playing conversation tennis – both of you are trying to get the other person to talk immediately without providing much information/value in the conversation. In other words, Scenario A is about expecting the other person to give more value.

In contrast, Scenario B is playing conversation basketball – she gives you an answer, and then you provide much more value in your response. Better still, you also ask her why she wants to be an artist, which will probably help you find out two things about her: 1) her motivation at work; 2) her emotions about work. Remember: as long as you’ve figured out this Ukrainian woman’s motivation and emotions, you will feel closer to each other psychologically.

Understanding the beauty from Ukraine that you are dating:

Once the Ukrainian bride has told you why she wants to do her job, you can mentally step into her shoes and imagine her feelings, doing what she does. Then, you ask a deeper question. So, let’s continue Scenario B:

HER: I always wanted to be an artist because I was inspired by Megan Hess. She is the most successful fashion illustrator in the world. I truly love her work and she is my role model. That’s why I’m working on fashion illustration as well.

YOU: You must be very passionate about fashion illustration, so you’ve become an artist. Do you think fashion is art or just a type of business?

Above all, now you’ve asked her a much deeper question. You have to really listen to this Ukrainian lady’s answer. Keep the focus on her, as when you try to see things from her perspective, you ignite her personal passions and inner life. Hence, she will want to share everything about why she loves her work with you.

Now you’ve asked her a much deeper question. You have to really listen to this Ukrainian lady’s answer. Keep the focus on her, as when you try to see things from her perspective, you ignite her personal passions and inner life. Hence, she will want to share everything about why she loves her work with you.

Please note that Ukrainian beauties are very honest, so when she talks about whether fashion is a type of art or a kind of business, you will also know her worldview, i.e. how she understands art and how she looks at business.

Consequently, this is how you have sparkling and connected conversations with a lady from Ukraine.

How to turn awkward silences into massive attraction:

Most westerners feel uncomfortable when there is an awkward silence, but if you know how to turn this into something powerful, you will have another tool in your toolbox.

Above all, I encourage you to create silences deliberately by introducing pauses to your conversation with your Ukrainian girlfriend.

As a matter of fact, if you have to constantly talk, you look more nervous and less confident. By contrast, when you feel okay during silences, you look more relaxed and more confident.

Therefore, when you want to build massive sexual tension with the girl from Ukraine, you can talk slowly and then pause. Certainly, now you look at her eyes for a second, look at her nose for a second, look at her lips for a second, and look at her eyebrows for a second. Likewise, you don’t have to count “1, 2, 3, 4” in your head, but you’ve got the gist – your eyes are slowly “traveling” on her beautiful face during the silence.

The Ukrainian girl has seen enough romantic movies, so she understands what that means. Hence, now you’ve built massive sexual tension with her.

Consequently, chances are she is secretly thinking… “When is he going to kiss me?” And that’s exactly what you want.

Bonus tips:

  1. Always say more statements and ask fewer questions. Using statements more often, you look more confident. If you ask too many questions, you look less certain.
  2. Asking your Ukrainian stunner a question, make sure the question is meaningful and deep if you can.
  3. Hence, most statements that you say should be some kind of comment on her motivations, emotions, and feelings. Remember: women are more emotional than men, so it’s easier for you to build a strong emotional connection with your Ukrainian woman if you can connect with her emotions directly.


HER: Making art is a soothing process. I love how it makes me feel. It’s so enjoyable and I lose myself in the art.

YOU: Oh. That’s nice. I’m impressed. It sounds like creating art has added a tremendous amount of value to your life. That even makes me want to try it, too. Tell me more about your art.

More relevant, note that in this response above, you say “I’m impressed” which is a very powerful statement that pre-frames the situation: This Ukrainian lady is here to impress you; she should prove herself to you.

Also, the longer statement is expressive, so you are going to have a real and dynamic interaction with her.

Hence, it is obvious that connecting with a lady from Ukraine means you always go deeper and understand more about her world than the boring facts that you can easily see by looking at her dating profile.

How you say it is just as important as what you say.”

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