Do you have core confidence in an international relationship?

December 3, 2021 at 2.25pm by in International Dating
international relationship

Would you accept it when a woman makes you question yourself by putting you down? Let me tell you a true story: Many years ago, I was in an exhausting relationship in which my ex-partner was saying, “I can tell you that you won’t find someone else in the future” because my ex-partner didn’t want me to leave that toxic relationship. Although my ex was putting me down, I could see my worth clearly, so I ended that relationship as quickly as humanly possible. But for several years, I couldn’t call my ex out for his bad behavior because I didn’t want to make him angry – I thought I needed that relationship. Fortunately, I figured things out reasonably fast!

international relationship
  • Can you meet somebody else if you end a relationship?

The real reason why I wasn’t able to call my ex out for his terrible behavior was because I thought I wouldn’t even have a romantic life after a breakup. Yet I was just young and naïve. The good news is I became mature a few years later and left him so that I can build a new life. 

Many men don’t leave toxic relationships as they don’t want to end a romantic relationship and have to start looking for a new girlfriend again. Anxiety is the reason why men overthink – they literally allow fear to be in control. 

For instance, Mat’s wife is abusive to him and his friends. Consequently, Mat has mental health problems and had to go to the emergency room frequently. If Mat is brave enough to divorce his maddening wife, he would be able to fix his mental health. Sometimes Mat’s anxiety is so bad that he has to count every piece of rubbish in the bin. I know this sounds strange, but counting is his way to alleviate the anxiety. Sadly, it is a counterproductive approach. Because of COVID-19, Mat was made redundant by the organization that he worked at for 7 years. He had a professional job, but now it’s almost impossible for him to find another professional job in the current economy. Therefore, he must change careers. Changing careers in his late 30s is a bit scary, so fear of the unknown has made him stuck. Now he is unemployed. Unfortunately, unemployment is probably a mental health issue because when someone doesn’t have a job to go to every day, this person doesn’t have a structured life – small wonder unemployment looks like a mental health problem!

By the way, a US psychologist argues that not having a romantic relationship is also a mental health issue because if someone doesn’t have a relationship to go back to after work, this individual doesn’t have a structure life at home. This sounds a bit controversial, but I think it makes sense.

international relationship
  • You have to allow yourself to be unstuck.

When you let fear take over, you wonder if something bad will happen. That’s the very definition of living in survival mode. 

Only you can change your life.  Hence, if you would like to get out of the survival mode, my advice is to stop ruminating and start building core confidence.

Core confidence plays a key role in an international relationship. Let’s say you meet a lady online and start a relationship on the internet. You have to believe in yourself in the first place. Otherwise, you might always wonder whether she is seeing someone else.

Of course, you will need to meet your lady in person anyway. Thus, I’d like to encourage you to travel and meet your lady in reality as soon as possible!

The strongest men have a permanent rock of self-confidence that can’t be got rid of no matter what happens. They are willing to build their unshakeable core confidence piece by piece. 

“You need inner confidence before starting an international relationship with a lady.”

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