Fashionistas amongst Ukrainian ladies

September 24, 2021 at 9.17am by in Slavic Women
Ukrainian ladies

Many Ukrainian women are fashionable and feminine because they have traditional values!

A word about vintage clothes:

In my view, vintage clothing is just a way of wearing history (Think Mad Men)! Vintages clothes can be more than secondhand – in fact, they are an art form, a collector’s passion, with a story to tell and sentimental value. Basically, an item isn’t really vintage unless it dates from 1910-1979. Earlier than that, it’s clearly antique; later than that, it’s just thrift or secondhand. When shopping for vintage, I have some interesting findings:

First and most importantly, buying anything with sweat marks is a bad idea. Sadly, a cleaner can’t fix that problem. The condition of the item is very important.

Second, I don’t buy vintage shoes as they usually fall apart easily. Usually, a pair of vintage shoes is too worn out to ever dance again!

Thirdly, if you are keen to invest in designer vintage, it’s important to be able to spot a fake. My advice is if you find a designer garment at a very low price, probably it’s too good to be true. Always check the quality and the craftsmanship carefully. If it’s “made in China”, it’s obviously not a designer garment. End of story.

Next, real vintage clothing has a smell to it (I know this sounds a bit gross, but it’s true). Having said that, you can still easily remove odors from vintage / secondhand / thrift clothing by spritzing them with a mixture of water and vodka.

Further, the safest things to shop for in the vintage department are jewelry, bags, belts and dresses. Wedding dresses can be amazing and unique purchases as well, for they usually encounter less wear and tear. According to my experience, most wedding dresses have been worn once only, jewelry can last for many centuries, and it’s easy to see the condition of a handbag – you know what you are getting. If the bag is a designer item, there should be an authenticity certificate and a dust bag that comes with the designer bag.

There are a lot of sources to find very nice vintage clothing.

You may go to a flea market, a dedicated vintage fair or a charity store. Charity shops in affluent areas of many Eastern European cities are a wonderful place to find the designer wares dropped off by millionaires in the local area. Apart from that, you may go to auction houses to bag some vintage items. Some department stores and big chain stores have also started dedicating corners to vintage clothing. But the problem is these items are overpriced and usually embellished & altered by the department store or the big chain store.

Besides, the Web is a wonderful source for vintage clothing as well. In actuality, you may access pieces from around the world without getting up from the sofa. Yet be aware that clothing before the 1960s probably does not have sizing; therefore, it’s better to contact the dealer and ask for measurements in detail. Also, photos could be deceiving; thus, you’d better choose a site with many angles and with clothing displayed on a real model.

I understand that there is a roaring trade in buying & selling clothes on the Internet. You can easily cut out the middle man and get your hands on a quick buck if you are selling stuff online. If you are buying stuff, you can find some real bargains on the Web.

My suggestion is you must include spelling mistakes in your searches because a person’s mistake is another person’s hidden treasure, e.g., if the seller accidentally spelt “YLS” instead of “YSL”, you’ll find that item, whereas other buyers won’t find it in the first place!

“Many Ukrainian ladies are fashionistas!”

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