Why friendship is paramount in an international relationship

August 6, 2021 at 11.47am by in International Dating
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Although love is so powerful, researchers have discovered that friendship is a key component in love. 😊

  • Friendship is underrated.

Friendship is the real foundation for a good relationship. The No. 1 sign of a loveless marriage is two individuals aren’t friends. They simply talk about daily logistics such as when to call the dentist and when to pick up the children. Apart from logistics, they rarely talk as they aren’t even friends.

Again, the No. 1 sign of a loveless marriage is lack of friendship.

Friendship in a marriage offers:

  1. Shared experiences which create a very strong connection;
  2. Shared values which build a shared vision;
  3. Generosity, kindness, authenticity and mutual respect.

A relationship is so vulnerable without those key elements.

  • Why is friendship so important?

In terms of friendship in general, I think it’s possibly more meaningful than a lot of other relationships. Here is why:

First of all, a friendship is totally built on similar values as you aren’t in it for other reasons. However, a romantic relationship will be broken when romance is absent, for romance is the prerequisite of a romantic relationship.

In the second place, friends are your family that you choose to have. That is to say, you select these individuals as people in your inner circle because you genuinely respect them and like them. They truly bring you tremendous joy. In truth, you spend lots of time with your family mostly because you are related to each other, not always because you completely like each other.

Next, business relationships are quite vulnerable. For example, Darren Hayes is the most successful singer from Australia. He used to have a lot of people in his inner circle when his career was wildly successful. Perhaps he had various managers, assistants and stylists at that time, but when those people were not on his payroll anymore, many of them left him – they weren’t his friends.

Furthermore, in Bronnie Ware’s book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying, she writes, “One of the top regrets of the dying is ‘I wish I had kept in touch with my friends.” Among the top 5 regrets, friendship is the only relationship which is mentioned. The author did a lot of research and that is a very important conclusion.

These days we live in a social context as social media is so popular. Yet unfortunately, a major study indicates that modern individuals feel lonelier, for most people don’t have lots of friends in reality, though we stare at the phone each day.

Yes, we should totally build genuine friendships so we will not have that type of regret in the future.

  • How to cultivate authentic friendship in international dating:

Like I mentioned earlier, authentic friendship is the foundation for a successful romantic relationship. Therefore, you would be well-advised to learn some skills that can help you build authentic friendships:

First and foremost, you must show respect for women online. As an international dating site, Ukraine Brides Agency interview every woman in the office before her profile can be added to the website. That means we know every lady is a genuine woman looking for a real relationship. Thus, she deserves your respect.

Second, the initial stage of a relationship is very, very important. By that I mean the beginning of a relationship is exactly when you set up standards and expectations, so you should be honest with yourself and your lady from the start. When honesty plays a key role in your relationship, it’s going to be a genuine relationship. 😊

Next, you need to have shared experiences with your lady. More shared experiences lead to an emotional connection which is key in any relationship, no matter it’s a friendship or a romantic relationship.

What’s more, if you are married to an Eastern European wife, you may continue building the friendship in your marriage by sharing a compelling blueprint with her. For example, if you are keen to start a business, could you run the business with your wife rather than a random business partner? A compelling blueprint will strengthen the friendship which is good for a marriage.

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