Finding true love via legitimate Ukrainian dating sites

legitimate Ukrainian dating sites

Ukraine Brides Agency is one of the most legitimate Ukrainian dating sites on the market because we interview every lady before adding their profile to our database. We’ve summarized some dating wisdom in this blog post today.

  • On communication:

How to be yourself when talking to someone you like: Your intent shouldn’t be “I need this person to be attracted to me”. Instead, your intent should be “I need to give this person a fun moment / I need to find out more about this person / I need to give a quick compliment.” When you are a giver, you bring value and fun, so you stop caring so much what other people think. Remember: there is no rejection, only feedback!

If you filter people out too quickly, then you will miss the chance to meet lots of great people. At the beginning, be open to be surprised, and then as you go on dates, filter candidates out based on their behaviour and values (e.g., loyalty, honesty and affection). Remember: Be unselective about whom you meet, but be very selective about whom you invest emotion in.

Where would your ideal partner go on a Saturday morning? You should be there, too. Once you go to these things, start more conversations. This habit will change your dating life and enrich everything when you have a way to bring new people into your world.

What to say on a date: Overthinking can be paralysing. Start reducing the standard for what you say, and be happy with having mundane, everyday conversations as a warm-up. Then take it a little further by offering an opinion or an unusual thought you’ve had, or even just commenting on a TV show you are excited about right now.

How to get noticed on legitimate Ukrainian dating sites: Start coming from a place of curiosity and playfulness with others instead of worrying about how people are perceiving you, and you’ll find it much easier to get noticed.

Micro-attraction refers to subtle, small and wonderful moments that make someone truly attractive, e.g., 1) When they send you a gift based on something you’re interested in because they really listen to what you like. 2) When you tell them great news and they genuinely want to celebrate with you. Isn’t that feeling of someone celebrating your victories as their own a truly wonderful experience? Have you ever had any micro-attraction moments?

legitimate Ukrainian dating sites
  • On relationships:

Affection doesn’t equal a relationship. Only someone saying ‘I want a relationship’ does.

A sustainable relationship needs three elements: 1) emotional connection; 2) kindness; 3) teamwork.

Don’t expect your partner to fulfil every need in your life. You need to be self-fulfilled in your own pursuits so that you don’t look to someone else to make you happy in the first place. A good relationship should be there to enhance your life, not fix it.

In dating and relationships, please don’t confuse standards with expectations. Standards are about behaviour, while unhealthy expectations are about small and unimportant things such as someone’s height, job title, their sharing our exact opinions and tastes, etc.

How to meet more people and have a social life that gives you a dating life: List things you would actually love doing – pick 3 and invite some good friends along to them. Key ideas: 1) Keep it small. Go for intensity rather than time spent. Even once a week is great if you are super sociable and meet people when you do it. 2) Get into ‘explore mode’. Do new things or try things that you would love to learn. It’s great to have a childlike curiosity and think to yourself, “I’m either about to learn a new skill, or meet some cool people, or both!” 

One of the most attractive qualities is being unfazed by rejection or setback & not letting it affect your self-esteem. Staying positive during hard times is a skill and quality that is always attractive. The less you make it a big deal, the less anyone else will care. You don’t need to pretend awkwardness doesn’t exist – you can joke about it by saying, “Well, that didn’t go very well, so I’m going to awkwardly go back to my friends now.” The less you try to hide, the better you will be able to handle it.

How to attract the right person on legitimate Ukrainian dating sites: 1) Work really hard on yourself to be the best you can be by cultivating independence, kindness, fun and your own passions. 2) Be ruthless with people who aren’t into you – when someone shows you red flags, you move on unapologetically. 

“When you listen to someone, listen without judgement. In this way, this person will be willing to open up because they feel safe when they communicate with you honestly.”

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