Get rid of these low-value habits before dating an Eastern European woman

Eastern European women

Your life is the result of your actions, so your habits make all the difference! Therefore, having low-value habits could be the real difference between success & failure in your love life – your habits define who you really are! What Eastern European women on our website really care about is who you are.

  • You must know your low-value habits before you are able to change them.

The non-value habit is inaction. If you don’t even approach women or never start conversations on an online dating website, that’s not even a low-value habit – that’s a non-value habit!

Many men are not even aware of their non-value habit because they think destiny will send a woman to them. That’s just like relying on the lottery to get rich – how lousy is that!?

Most women respond fairly positively to a high-value, socially calibrated and confident man when they are approached by him. A lot of women respond quite positively even if the guy has a very clunky open which isn’t smooth at all.

Men of high value always take action because they are willing to take calculated risks! Are you one of them?

  • Don’t overthink your looks.

Maybe you are worried about the acne on your face / your weight / your height…. But in fact, ladies who like you wouldn’t care about your insecurities nearly as much as you do.

I’m sure the majority of your insecurities are solvable issues – if you are in very poor physical shape or don’t have good personal hygiene / grooming, you can hire a coach who is able to help you fix those. However, you don’t really need to look like a fitness model to be attractive to ladies.

  • Self-doubt is a low-value habit.

Don’t worry about messing an interaction up when you are communicating with a lady on a date. The only way mistakes never occur is when you stop taking risks. Without taking risks, you cannot make a mistake, right?

Winners play to win rather than play not-to-lose. This is true in life, love and business. Truthfully, a woman’s approval / disapproval of a guy isn’t a reflection of who he is as an individual because it’s simply her viewpoint. So, getting rejected doesn’t lower his value at all.

As I see it, low-value and non-value habits come from a low-value/non-value mindset. The right solution is to set your own mind on the right habits and how you can get those. After a while, you will just do your new habit without thinking about it.

Next time when you meet an Eastern European woman, please establish the premise through giving her a less obvious (and softer) compliment, e.g., “I like that bracelet” / “Your vibe is cool” / “Your accent is awesome”. In this way, you hint at the true fact that you find something about this lady interesting, so the possibility for a real connection is there.

Who you are is actually up to you, so please always show your best side! You have to be a high-value guy in order to date a high-caliber Eastern European woman. But what is value?

In actuality, value isn’t absolute; it’s relative. Now let me ask you this question: Which do you value a bit more, a Gucci watch or a piece of bread? Maybe you are thinking the Gucci watch. However, if you are hungry on an isolated island and haven’t had anything to eat for 2 days, you will certainly choose the piece of bread! The same is true for women – what’s valuable to a woman will probably change according to where this woman is in her blueprint. What’s more, what’s valuable to one woman may not even be valuable to another woman. Hence, this isn’t about how much value you objectively have; it’s literally about how much perceived value you convey.

“Don’t just be a hero. Be her hero!”

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