A guide to online dating in 2020: What Ukrainian women want

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I’ve interviewed hundreds of single Ukrainian ladies who are looking for love, so I’ve summarized some key qualities that these ladies look for in men.

Every single Ukrainian woman is looking for trustworthiness in men.

Note that Ukrainian ladies only prefer trustworthy, reliable men because they are looking for serious relationships on reputable international dating sites such as Ukraine Brides Agency. If you are handsome and fun to be with, some ladies may overlook certain personality flaws at the beginning. But when they start to get serious, their future husbands’ traits will become extremely paramount.

A British guy called Harold shared his true story with us:

I met Angelina on an international dating website. One day I wanted to meet her before leaving Moscow, so I sent her a message, “I will fly to London tonight. Could you see me before tonight?” She responded to my message, “What time is the flight?” Actually, my flight would leave at 10pm, yet I wanted to make it look urgent, so I sent this message to her, “7:30pm.” At around 8pm, Angelina called & I answered the telephone call. She was so surprised and shocked, “I thought you were already on the plane now?!” I was so embarrassed. After that, I have never heard from Angelina again. Obviously, women from Russia highly value honesty.

Ukrainian brides want connection.

Based on a survey, women have some very common complaints about guys, and the No. 1 complaint is lack of connection. Fewer ladies complain about their husbands’ income; many more ladies complain about absence of connection in their marriages.

Fortunately, building a deep connection between two people is easier than building a tremendous bank account, okay?

Don’t forget to flirt with your wife even after you are married. Keep flirting with your Ukrainian wife is a great way to strengthen the emotional connection with her.

Here are some fun things that women do when they flirt with men:

  1. When they are talking to men, they tilt their heads.
  2. When handsome men come closer to them, they run their fingers through their beautiful hair.
  3. They give handsome men short glances.
  4. When they are talking to handsome men, they lick their red lips.
  5. When they are interacting with attractive guys, they expose their necks.
  6. As they are having drinks with attractive men, they stroke the stem of glasses.

You should totally keep doing this with your wife all the time so that the emotional connection will become stronger and stronger in your marriage.

In order to support you in this journey, I’m going to list what you can do when your wife from Russia is flirting with you.

  1. Lower your pitch & speak in your lowest register as ladies associate a lower pitch with power and attractiveness.
  2. Always put her at the center of the interaction because women are always validated by male attention.
  3. Because there is attraction in your marriage, there is no sleaziness – you can briefly touch her forearm as you are asking her a question in the conversation.

There are 3 stages of love in a romantic relationship.

The first stage is building attraction. Chemistry is key here. Women fall in love with you at this stage. If a lady doesn’t like you but still chooses you, that’s a huge red flag. You have to be more careful because people do not change. (Just think about how hard it is for you to change your own behavior and habits; can you imagine trying to change someone else?)

Most people never change how they treat other people & who they are will probably never change. That means if chemistry is absent, you can’t manufacture it. End of story.

My suggestion is only date Ukrainian women who actually like you.

The second stage is building trust. As the most significant stage of all, Stage 2 determines whether this lady is “the one”. In reality, you may find many individuals desirable; however, chances are you cannot trust all of these people, right? Beauty is commonplace; nevertheless, trust is not very common. Not every lady is “the one”. You must be discerning.

Just ask yourself, “Does this lady invest in me or not? Has she gone out of her way to do something for me so far in this relationship? What can she offer 10 years from now? Does she share the same value system with me? Is there a shared vision in this relationship? If I marry her, are we going to have any mutual benefits?”

You just need to be practical when you are looking for a long-term relationship.

The third stage is building commitment. Now Stage 3 is about loyalty. That means you and your Ukrainian girlfriend are supposed to build a monogamous, serious, meaningful relationship from now on. As a couple, you don’t really have to have the same hobbies. Nonetheless, you should be compatible when it comes to the way you handle conflicts and the way you express love / affection. In a sustainable and healthy relationship, the abilities to handle conflict & express love / affection are the most paramount part of all.

Now you may wonder, “If someone is in a long-term relationship already, what may kill attraction?”

Well, the No. 1 factor that kills attraction is emotional neediness. That means a person is highly invested in their partner instead of themselves. If you are needy, a Ukrainian woman can smell the neediness from miles away. A truly confident man doesn’t have neediness at all.

In actuality, vulnerability builds a strong relationship. I mean you can put yourself in a situation where you tell a joke which might not even be funny or express a viewpoint which might offend other people. That does not mean you are nasty or rude; it only means you aren’t even validated by other people’s opinions about you.

Male attraction VS female attraction:

Usually, male attraction is quite predictable, whilst female attraction isn’t. All men are visual creatures. An attractive woman is an attractive woman. This is very simple.

Yet an attractive guy is an attractive guy in some ladies’ eyes. Meanwhile, he can be very unattractive in other ladies’ eyes.

Truthfully, the most important factor that determines a guy’s attractiveness is his behavior, e.g. how he treats himself, how he behaves around other people & how other people behave around him. Specific dynamics like this can tell Ukrainian women how attractive this guy is.

Therefore, you’d better show your desire without neediness when you are dating a Ukrainian lady.

In order to build a meaningful relationship, you should communicate with your lady with honest, authentic appreciation at all times. If you tell a woman that she is pretty just because you want to get something from her, chances are she will not even feel flattered at all as she knows the compliment is not real. Remember: false compliments don’t work as ladies have strong intuition.

You can try this next time: When you meet an attractive lady in a social context, authentically tell her that she is pretty and then leave the conversation. She will definitely keep thinking of you for the rest of the party as you don’t want anything from her. (You may contact her afterwards or towards the end of the party if you are single and looking for love).

“An honest guy without neediness is an attractive guy.”

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