Why International Matchmaking Works Well in 2020

international matchmaking

Marrying a foreign bride is commonplace nowadays. You may wonder why international matchmaking is so effective in modern-day society. Well, since we have already done the research, we can talk about the reasons today.

Dating sites make international dating possible; therefore, people have access to international singles looking for love.

The majority of international matchmaking companies are online businesses, so you can use their services anytime, at any place. Due to modern technology, your current social circle doesn’t have to be limited, so you should expand your chances right now.

If you are unhappy with single women in your country, it’s perfectly okay to meet a woman from a foreign country. In this day and age, most individuals are very open-minded; thus, it’s perfectly fine to marry a foreign bride. For example, if you are a western guy but you don’t feel attracted to western women, you should totally consider meeting a woman from Ukraine who is more traditional and feminine. In today’s day and age, most people are not really judgmental – your friends and family will probably accept your international marriage. Because of the internet, a growing number of people have a good understanding of other cultures. As a result, many singles would like to experience different cultures, which is totally understandable. Dating a foreign woman is the best way to experience a different culture and broaden your horizon. You only live once and life is short (youth is even shorter). So, it’s time to embrace what you really want and start dating someone attractive now.

Dating a foreign woman gives you opportunities to travel abroad.

Sharing your exciting travel experience with a special person offers you the most amazing memories in your life. So, if you’re dating a lady from Ukraine, perhaps you would want to go to Ukraine more frequently, meaning you will surely have lots of opportunities to travel overseas & your Ukrainian lady can be your tour guide and your sweetheart.

An international matchmaking service makes it possible for you to meet and date high-caliber women that are uncommon in western countries. For example, let’s say you are a western man interested in meeting Eastern European women. Using an international matchmaking service will certainly be beneficial – if you only meet Eastern European ladies by yourself in real life, it might take you four years so as to meet 4 qualified Eastern European candidates, right? However, if you use an international matchmaking company to assist you, you will be able to meet 40 candidates in 4 days. What’s more, these ladies are all highly qualified candidates as they’re interviewed by the matchmaking company. Thus, it is obvious that hiring an international matchmaker is the best way to meet the ideal woman you like.

Dating a foreign woman may provide you with the opportunity to live in a foreign country. Let’s say you are not very happy with your country for various reasons, it’s fine to consider moving to a foreign country. For example, Alex is unhappy with his work situation & the economy in the UK is not very good right now. He is planning on moving to a foreign country. Here is Alex’s plan: he will set up an online business and marry a Ukrainian wife. Then he can live in Ukraine with his wife while running an online business, meaning he still makes first-world money from his Internet business, but he doesn’t have a high cost of living during his time in Ukraine where things are a lot cheaper. When their kids are older, they can move back to the UK so that their children can go to school in the UK, which is fair enough! Marrying a foreign wife usually means your marriage is more sustainable. It is reported that international marriages have the lowest divorce rate, which has been confirmed by a recent survey in North America and Australia – international marriages are more sustainable than domestic marriages. Indeed, if your wife is from a foreign country, she is more willing to build a strong emotional connection with you as you’re her most trustworthy individual in your country.

How matchmaking companies operate:

Couples who found each other through matchmaking services are five times less likely to get divorced, compared with those who found each other via other methods. Clearly, excellent matchmaking services as well as seasoned matchmakers know which traits and qualities are compatible, so they can provide outstanding services. But if you meet someone randomly, you might feel attracted to them because of some initial chemistry. However, no one knows how stable this romantic relationship can be in the long run. Now it’s the best time to consider using a matchmaking service.

A good matchmaking service combines the unexpected benefits of traditional arranged marriages and modern romantic love. Actually, nowadays arranged marriages are still commonplaces in Japan, India and Pakistan. Before you complain how old-fashioned that is, note that the divorce rate of arranged marriages is super low (under 5%). By contrast, the divorce rate in western countries is 50-60%. Can you imagine how much money, energy and resources are wasted by a high divorce rate every year? So, it’s time to rethink what’s happening in western culture now. Apparently, arranged marriages have many advantages and modern romantic love marriages possibly do not work very well to a large degree. Yet this doesn’t mean you should choose an arranged marriage. I mean you may think about why arranged marriages work pretty well. It is clear that an arranged marriage is characterized by parents’ good understanding of the boy and the girl’s traits, qualities, values and backgrounds, so the most basic and fundamental factors of a sustainable marriage is already taken care of from the get-go. Small wonder the divorce rate is lower. But if you are from a modern western country, your parents won’t do that for you. And the best way to leverage what you’ve read in this article is to use a matchmaking service or an international matchmaker who knows what you truly need & want as well as who could become your ideal match.

Certainly, you don’t have to choose the individual recommended by a matchmaker, so you can ask the matchmaker to recommend another candidate to you. That is the flexibility of a matchmaking service – I think it’s better and more effective than arranged marriages.

To find a reliable international matchmaking service, you must do your own research. These days the most popular matchmaking companies are all on the Internet. Thus, it’s perfectly fine to join a dating website such as Ukraine Brides Agency.

Note that random dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder don’t know you and don’t care – they simply introduce you to random candidates and those relationships are purely built on chemistry or something superficial. That can be very dangerous – the initial chemistry probably will not last for a long period of time, but that chemistry can be the only good thing in a romantic relationship. Sad but true. In contrast, a good matchmaking company has a good understanding of your character and lifestyle. Better still, they know how romantic relationships work. As a result, they can help you to find the right lady fast.

“An effective matchmaker does not introduce random women to you; an effective matchmaker only introduces high-value, suitable women to you.”

  • bernard

    I am deeply convinced that you may meet the right person unexpectedly. It may also be a random person, why not. Nonetheless, you’re supposed to use all the chances to find your soulmate.


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