Guide to Proper Online Dating Behaviors

May 19, 2017 at 6.00am by in Dating advice

Online Dating Behaviors

When it comes to online dating, the fact that people are anonymous and strangers to one another makes it easy for the users to treat it like a game. However, it should not be the case because it also deserves to be considered equally important just like a personal conversation.

If you are into online dating, you also have to know that how you behave can have a significant impact on other people’s lives, and these people are also humans who deserve kindness and respect. The thing is that you have to treat others the way you wanted to be treated, so your behavior matters not only in your real, personal life but also in online dating.

To keep you guided, here are some pieces of advice to online dating etiquette that you must follow:

1. Have a decent-looking profile

The way you present yourself in your profile will affect the way you can be perceived by other people, and so you have to carefully choose your profile picture. When selecting your profile picture, it is better to choose the one that has been taken by your friends or other people than posting a selfie. That is because it might give an impression that you don’t have other friends to take your photo.

2. Avoid bragging in your bio

If you are looking for someone to be in a serious relationship with, it is better to avoid making them feel intimidated and scared, and that is why you have to avoid bragging about your achievements and qualifications. You also have to make sure that you are honest about your job. There is no point in exaggerating things just to impress someone because sooner or later, they will still find out.

3. Be honest about your intentions and your situation

People have various reasons for why they engage in online dating, but you have to be truthful about your intentions. You have to be honest, whether you are looking for a serious relationship or you just need somebody to date and get along with. While many people think that online dating is harmless, there is a good chance that it can also hurt somebody if you are not being sincere and genuine.

4. Protect your privacy

It is better that you create and use a separate e-mail address for online dating so that you will be able to better protect your identity. You can also opt not to give out your complete personal information including your last name, address, and other pertinent details. Also, do the same for other people. You cannot expect and force them to share their personal information unless they willingly give it to you.

5. Be careful with your conversations

There are guidelines which you need to follow when online chatting with someone. There are things you should avoid talking about including sex, religion, toilet humor, politics, and other sensitive topics. It is also not advisable to talk about money or problems with health, work, and others. Also, avoid complaining and being negative because this is not a good way to keep the conversation going. It will only make things more awkward.

6. Don’t get too personal

If you are just starting to get to know someone, it is always better if you try to avoid getting too comfortable with them right away. Avoid spilling out your secrets immediately because you still barely know these people.

7. Select carefully

You don’t necessarily have to show an interest to a person you are not really interested in. Instead, wait for the one that you really like; someone who sparks your curiosity. This way, the conversation will just be as natural and enthusiastic because you don’t really have to force yourself.

8. Keep online communication short, yet interesting

Not all people will be interested to read your whole biography before they finally meet you in person, so it is better to avoid oversharing personal information. It is also better to leave a little mystery about yourself so that people will become more interested and curious to get to know you better. Keep the bio in your profile brief, yet a little mysterious and interesting.

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