Habits to avoid on your first date with an Eastern European woman

June 7, 2022 at 7.08am by in Dating advice
Eastern European woman

These days it’s a big ask to go on a 1st date due to the pandemic. What’s more, you have Netflix / Amazon Prime / HBO…. Therefore, when you actually dress up and go out with an Eastern European woman, you surely want more than mediocre drinks and boring conversations. Please avoid the following habits when you are on the first date!

  • Trying to be James Bond….

If you want to look cool and mysterious on the first date, you are not revealing enough about yourself – this doesn’t work because you may look stand-off-ish and this habit makes for awkward silences in which both of you desperately try to find the next topic to continue the conversation.

Remember: Everybody flows so much easier when they talk about their fears, frustrations, dumb moments in life, crazy experiences as well as strange thoughts on the latest movie, so long as those thoughts are reasonable!

I know over-sharing isn’t good, but it’s more paramount to lean on the side of letting your date see who you really are rather than hiding behind one-word answers or pleasantries.

  • Bragging in order to impress her….

Indeed, it’s tempting to brag when you want to impress a woman on the first date. Well, if you are very career-focused, you might start a wrestling match about who has the more important career / who has travelled more / how many achievements you have accumulated in life so far…. In this way, you might sound like a conceited guy.

It’s okay to love your job and be passionate about what you do every day. However, it’s not okay to make your conversation a monologue of self-promotion as if you want to land a job on LinkedIn.

Your achievements are supposed to come out organically in your conversation.

  • Forgetting to be truly impressed by your date….

In reality, not everybody is very impressive. Yes, you have very high standards, which is understandable. Nevertheless, if you like an Eastern European woman and she really impresses you, you would be well-advised to show it. 😉

“You are such a caring lady.” / “You have a very interesting job.” / “That’s an absolutely wonderful hobby.”

You can show you are impressed in various ways. She will like you more if she knows that you are impressed with her qualities. In a way, you are encouraging her to prove herself to you by letting her know that you are impressed by her. 😊

  • Sharing challenging dating stories….

We all know that dating isn’t easy. But when you are actually on a date with an Eastern European woman, please leave your sucky stories at the door! Although it’s very dispiriting to be ghosted by someone for no reason, sharing horror stories about dating probably comes off as cynical or bitter on the first date.

In summary, if you plan to meet an Eastern European woman who is keen to start a romantic relationship with you, you’d better show who you really are when you genuinely believe the best about this world.

“When you remain positive, you attract better experiences in life. More exactly, when you have a positive mindset in dating and relationships, you are more likely to find someone who is also optimistic!”

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