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Ukrainian women

Most men feel quite uncomfortable when there is an awkward silence. Nonetheless, if you know how to turn the silence into something very powerful, you will be the winner. In truth, we highly encourage you to deliberately create silences by introducing pauses to your conversation with a lady. Actually, if you have to keep talking all the time, you look less confident and become more nervous. Yet when you feel absolutely okay during silences, you look more confident and feel more relaxed.

  • How to turn the awkward silence into massive attraction:

As you are building uncontrollable attraction with a Ukrainian woman, you have to talk slowly and pause. Now you look at this woman’s eyes for a second, look at her nose for a second, look at her lips for a second, and then look at her eyebrows for a second. Of course, you don’t need to count “1, 2, 3, 4” in your head, but now you’ve got the gist: Your eyes are “travelling” on her face slowly during the silence. She has certainly seen enough romantic movies; thus, she knows what that means. Congratulations – you’ve built unstoppable chemistry with the lady you are attracted to.

Now she is thinking, “When is he going to kiss me?” – that’s exactly what you want to achieve.

Those who feel quite awkward while meeting women often lack confidence. Let’s take a look at this diagram:

Dating skills à competence à confidence à high risk tolerance à high reward

So, it all starts from acquiring dating skills!

  • Why is Bill Clinton charismatic?

Effective eye contact is the foundation for an effective conversation, and Bill Clinton is the best in this regard.

When somebody in the audience asks Bill Clinton a question, he maintains eye contact with that individual at all times while answering the question. Towards the end of his answer, Bill Clinton’s body language implies that he is about to end it; however, he still maintains strong eye contact with that person. More exactly, his feet start to point elsewhere, and then gradually & slowly he breaks the eye contact. This strategy is also known as “sticky eyes” that makes the individual who asks Bill Clinton a question feel that he/she is the only person in the room. The crowd disappears.

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky’s affair isn’t necessarily the most fantastic story in the world, but in Monica’s Story (a book written by Andrew Morton), the author describes exactly how Bill Clinton interacted with Monica Lewinsky when they met each other for the first time and that “sticky eyes” technique was used by Bill Clinton effortlessly because Bill Clinton is a natural.

Again, probably Bill Clinton isn’t the perfect role model, but an intelligent guy like you can definitely learn something from him!

When you are talking to a woman, please maintain eye contact and try not to look elsewhere when she is talking. Simply relax and don’t open your eyes more than natural (you should blink the usual number of times)! But when you are talking, you can break the eye contact strategically.

  • Conversation Tennis VS Conversation Basketball:

A great conversationalist never plays conversation tennis. Instead, he plays conversation basketball. Let’s compare these two conversations below.

Conversation Tennis:

MAN: “What do you do?”

WOMAN: “I’m an accountant.”

MAN: “Great. Do you like it?”

WOMAN: “Yes, it’s pretty good.”

MAN: “Awesome. I’m an engineer.”

Conversation Basketball:

MAN: “I think you must be an artist because you seem to be quite creative.”

WOMAN: “Well, actually, I’m an accountant.”

MAN: “That’s surprising, because I wouldn’t expect an artistic woman like you to be an accountant – that’s an analytical job. Why do you want to be an accountant?”

Obviously, the first conversation is conversation tennis, i.e., both of them try to get the other person to talk immediately without contributing much value or information to the conversation. That is to say, the first conversation is all about expecting the other person to offer more value – those two people are takers, not givers.

By contrast, the second conversation is conversation basketball – he gives an interesting assumption, and based on her response, he gives even more value. In this way, he leads her to a more stimulating conversation.

“If you’ve met a Ukrainian lady that you like, remember to use conversation basketball as a technique on the first date!”

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