What a Healthy Relationship Really Means

October 30, 2017 at 11.45am by in Dating advice
Healthy Relationship

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship. However, there are healthy relationships and this is the type that you should cultivate if you are currently committed to your boyfriend, girlfriend, or your spouse. You don’t have to be perfect individuals in order to make your relationship last long. At the end of the day, what matters is that you know how to compromise, love, trust and respect each other.

So, if you want to know how a healthy relationship is supposed to be like, here are a few things you should be able to observe in your own relationship.

1. You can speak your mind

You are in a healthy relationship if you know that you can speak your mind. It means that you can freely express your thoughts and emotions with all honesty while you don’t fear the reaction of your partner. That’s because you know that they will listen and at the same time, you also know that you should not be keeping anything or any secret from each other, especially if you know it is something that will have an impact on your relationship.

2. You have your personal space

Even when you are in a relationship or even when you are actually married already, it does not mean that you have to be together every single time or moment. You still need your own personal space. You still need to have some alone time. You should also be able to do some activities separately and be with your own separate friends sometimes. Having personal space is not bad. In fact, it is essential in every relationship because it makes you grow. You can’t grow as individuals if you are inseparable in everything. Your space will also allow you to miss each other and appreciate each other’s presence once you are together.

3. You like yourself in your relationship

The people who hate themselves or the kind of person they have become when they started the relationship are the ones who are in a miserable relationship. It’s because you are not supposed to change who you are just to make things work between you and your partner. Yes, you have to make adjustments and you also have to compromise, but it does not mean that you have to change your ways, your personality and who you are. When we truly love, we don’t need to change our partners because we accept them and embrace them for who they are. And that is what your partner or spouse is also supposed to do.

4. You consider each other when making decisions

When you are in a relationship, the decision-making process will be different. You cannot just decide about certain things on your own especially if those are the things that will affect you and your partner. If your relationship is healthy, you know that you have to consider each other’s insights and feelings before taking a step. This is even more important in a marriage. You acknowledge your wife’s or husband’s opinion and therefore, you will seek for their prerogative about certain things that will affect your marriage. This way, you can better weigh your options and decide for the best of both of you.

5. You are both happy

Healthy relationships are happy relationships. It is natural to have arguments, fights and misunderstandings because you have varying beliefs and stand about many things. However, these bad times or conflicts don’t last long. Your happy times also overpower the bad. So it means that no matter what happens, you are satisfied with your life with your partner and that’s healthy. On the other hand, if misery exceeds happiness and joy, then it is no longer healthy and you might need to rethink what you need to do in your relationship.

6. You talk to your partner, instead of talking to other people

In a healthy relationship, you deal with your conflicts and issues by talking to your partner about them and not to other people. While it is perfectly okay to vent out to your friends sometimes because you also need comfort and wisdom of other people, make sure that you fix things by talking to your partner.

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