6 Helpful Pieces of Advice to Prepare Yourself for a Happy, Married Life

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Advice for Happy, Married Life

It is true that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage and a perfect couple. But, there is such a thing as a happy and wonderful marriage. Sadly, many people around the world who got to say their “I do” but ended up feeling miserable and regretful, than happy and blissful.

While no perfect recipe that will guarantee you a stress-free and married life, there are some things you can do to help you achieve one that is happy and wonderful. It is not going to be free of problems and challenges, but it sure will be the kind of marriage that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

Marriage is full of surprises, and it is a leap of faith, but here are some helpful pieces of advice to make your marriage a happy one.

1. Evaluate each other’s habits

Being married is entirely far from the typical boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. When you already marry the love of your life, you will get to discover so many things you have not discovered before, like your habits at home. This is the time when you will learn about each other’s patterns of behaviors that can be annoying to you both. This is only natural because even if you are married, you are brought up in different ways in two different families. So instead of picking a fight and get mad at each other, it is better to get these issues addressed, especially if they are starting to get into your nerves. Otherwise, it might just be a cause of resentment. Just sit down and be honest with each other. More importantly, you both need to be receptive to feedback and be willing to meet halfway on how you can make adjustment to your habits, so that it does not cost you your marriage.

2. Agree on how you should resolve conflicts

Because two unique and different people are united in marriage, this couple still differs in many ways. If you are married already, how you want to fix things when they are broken may not be the how your partner would want to do it. Arguments are inevitable in marriage, in fact, in any relationship. There will always be misunderstanding and disagreements because as individuals, we have our own principle and beliefs. And when we can’t get other people to agree with us, that is when the argument starts.

When you get to a fight with your partner, or even just tiny disagreements, you need to have an agreement on how you will get them resolved. There are people who would like to make confrontations right then and there and discuss matters. But there are some people who don’t want to talk just yet because they find it hard to control their emotions, so that’d rather let it subside first. You need to find out the kind of person that you are when resolving conflicts. Also find out about your wife or husband. Then you need to talk about it and decide what will work best for you, who can make adjustment and how you can meet halfway. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you know how to respect each other; respect each other’s differences, beliefs, principles and even your ways to fix misunderstanding and issues.

3. Find opportunities to serve

Marriage entails a lifetime of service to your spouse. It does not stop the moment you said your vows. In fact, it is just the beginning. Serving means you look after your partner’s needs more than your own and it is easier said than done. If you are just about to get married and you want to develop this attitude now while you are still single, you can find other chances to be of service to others. You can probably do it for your local church or you can do it for your local community. Or better yet, start it with your own family.

4. Do “life” things together as a married couple

When you are just in the stage of being engaged, life is a lot easier. When you go on dates, you would just typically dine out, watch movies, go to the park or do some adventures. But when you are already married, you need to take your lives more seriously because marriage is a commitment; it is the start of having a family of your own. While romance and dating are still important elements to keep a happy marriage, you need to already start living the real life. For example, you need to be more responsible when it comes to your finances. You need to make serious plans about the future. One of the major reasons why many marriages fail is because married couples enter this phase unprepared. But when you prepare for your future and your future family well, you can reduce the chances of having unnecessary disagreements.

5. Don’t forget to spend quality time together

Now that you have taken your relationship to another level higher and you have more serious responsibilities ahead, it does not mean that you should not have fun in your marriage. It is important that you still find opportunities to spend quality time together, whether you have kids or not. Even when you don’t have children at the moment, you still need to put in efforts to keep the fire burning in your relationship. Go out on a date every now and then. On holidays, you can go on a vacation for a second honeymoon perhaps. Or even as simple as having a good conversation over a good cup of coffee on a rainy day at home. It does not matter where you are or what you do. The most important thing is that you still find time for each other despite your very busy schedules. This could be more difficult when you start raising your kids, but asking your wife or husband on a date at least once a month should not be that hard.

6. Value each other’s families

Even if many people say that you are marrying your spouse and not their family, you still cannot entirely take their family out of the picture. Part of who your spouse is, part of their entirety is their family. And for you to have a successful and happy marriage, you need to have a good relationship with them. If you are not married yet, take time to get to know their parents and siblings through text or the internet. There are plenty of ways if they don’t live near you. But if you get the chance to, you can visit them or don’t hesitate to come when you get invited for a family event or family affair. At the end of the day, our families will always be there. Just make sure that you set clear boundaries that once you are married, both of you should know that your priorities now revolve around the new family that you are trying to build.

These things are just pieces of advice which are meant to help you get prepared for getting married or help you make your marriage a happy one. These things are not that easy and they are not there to promise you a perfect married life. But when you make them your habits as a couple, you will see how it can do wonders for your relationship.

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