Honest Ukrainian dating site: The power of honesty in a relationship

June 11, 2022 at 11.20am by in Online Dating
honest Ukrainian dating site

One of my most important values is integrity – I believe that honesty is the best policy. Truthfully, those who like playing mind games oftentimes get played in the end because what goes around comes around – karma is real. As an honest Ukrainian dating site, we strongly believe that a successful relationship is best characterized by honest communication. 😊

The No. 1 red flag in dating:

If someone lies about small things at the initial stage of a relationship, you can’t trust this person because they will eventually lie about big things in life as well. Please let me explain.

The person you are dating gives you a birthday present. You ask this person, “When did you buy this pen?”, this individual says, “Several days ago.”

Then you see the receipt in the drawer and it says this person bought the pen one hour before giving it to you.

This is actually a huge red flag because if somebody lies about small things, they will also lie about big things later on – integrity isn’t important to this person.

Therefore, if integrity is important to you, you have to end this relationship as quickly as possible.

Why is honesty so important?

Honesty is paramount in every area of life. Many years ago, I was a sales consultant in an upmarket department store. At that time, the department that I was working for had difficulty keeping staff members, as most people had resigned. When the new manager started his job there, he was a bit worried – he thought I might resign as well. Because he wanted to keep me, he came up with a dumb idea: One day when we were very busy at work, the new manager asked me to have a meeting with him. After sitting down at a table, he suddenly said to me, “Other people told me that you are looking for another job.”

I looked at his eyes and asked him, “Who told you that?”

People who work on the ground floor – in the accessories department,” he replied.

But I don’t even know them.” I said with certainty.

They know you. Perhaps they like the gossip. Are you looking for another job?” he asked me.

No.” I replied with certainty again.

Then he offered me a permanent contract. Later in the afternoon, he bought me a coffee for no reason (Apparently, he felt something wasn’t quite right during that meeting, so he possibly wanted to pacify the situation.) Based on my understanding and observation, I think he made “the gossip” up because he thought that was the most effective way to make me tell him the truth – if other people were saying I was looking for another job, I probably had to admit it as “what other people have said” should be third-party evidence which must be hard to fake. However, the effect of that meeting wasn’t what the new manager was expecting because:

  1. I was 100% sure that people in other departments didn’t know me – there is a difference between meeting me in the lift and knowing me.
  2. I never talked to people from other departments, not to mention telling anyone that I was looking for another job.
  3. I was NOT looking for another job at all (the fact).

What the new manager did was destroying my trust in him. Although I appreciated the fact that he wanted to keep me, I wouldn’t share my thoughts with him and he wouldn’t have the opportunity to know who I really am because I couldn’t trust him anymore.

Obviously, I left the upmarket department store a few years later, and now I’m working for an honest Ukrainian dating site. 😉

The power of honesty:

In a romantic relationship, if two people can’t be honest with each other, they can’t have effective communication. That is to say, in order to have a successful and sustainable relationship, two people must communicate with each other cleanly and clearly. Otherwise, confusion will eventually lead to resentment and exhaustion.

Let’s say you find your relationship a bit dull. You have to have a candid discussion with your partner – talk about how you are going to reignite the spark in this relationship and ask her to contribute to the discussion by giving you some ideas. When having honest conversations is the standard practice in a relationship, you will surely be able to enjoy a happy relationship.

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