How to be better at international dating and romantic relationships

August 27, 2020 at 7.32am by in International Dating
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Although not everyone can study singing and become the next Savage Garden, there are many things that most people can learn, thereby figuring out dating & relationships. This is good news, isn’t it? 😉

How do you spend your time?

Stop spending time on the wrong candidates. If a woman obviously doesn’t meet your standards, you need to ask yourself, “How many more weeks is it really worth spending on this woman?

Most good marriages are about choosing the right people in the first place. Remember: your wife isn’t a roommate at university; your wife is your partner in life.

So, my advice is to decide who’s worth your precious time and who isn’t worth your valuable time. The faster you stop spending time on the wrong candidates, the more energy you have for the right candidates. 😊

Let’s say you are dating the right Ukrainian woman that you absolutely adore. The next step is to make sure you know how to communicate with her effectively, i.e. you can balance warmth and confidence in the right way in your communication. Note that your communication is only as good as the response you get!

Most individuals do not want to learn anything about communication because most people do not really keep learning and growing after graduation from school or university. Consequently, they wonder why they struggle in dating and relationships. ☹

The fact that you’re reading this blog post means you aren’t one of them, so you probably understand this key idea: Your Ukrainian lady has different needs than you do. Therefore, if you pay more attention, you will know what her real needs are. For instance, what can you say to your girlfriend to make the tough conversation more manageable? How are you going to explain your needs to her in a way that motivates her to meet your needs? What type of language leads to female attraction?

What is character in dating and relationships?

Character refers to two factors: A) being a good individual; B) choosing a good candidate. This is easier said than done – we have to admit that. You have to examine the virtues you would like to have and ask which areas you need to work on right now.

Some examples:

“Do I become jealous too easily?”

“Am I giving in dating and relationships, or am I selfish?”

“Do I set boundaries in love?”

I know these questions are not easy to answer, but you have to ask yourself at least.

Moreover, you can learn to be more charismatic and charming. With the right habits and tools, you can learn the ability to turn women on & build charisma as well as confidence.

Having said that, no matter how attractive you are, you won’t become every woman’s cup of tea, and that’s okay! So, instead of wondering how you can become attractive to all women, you would be well-advised to ask, “What are the things that I should do in order to attract a Ukrainian lady who can make me very happy?”

What does an ideal relationship look like?

When you actually enjoy thinking about each other’s needs, you are in a very good relationship. Congratulations! 😊

Meanwhile, a high-quality relationship makes you feel free to be completely yourself, for a healthy relationship opens you up & makes you see your own uniqueness that should be accepted and cherished!

Yes, when you are in a positive relationship, life becomes much easier because suddenly your life has so much more richness and meaning. That’s exactly why you don’t dream of being single any longer.

No, things won’t be perfect – that’s fine. When you give up the idea of perfection, you accept your flaws. You embrace each other’s imperfection and treasure this relationship fully.

What does a toxic relationship look like?

After talking about what successful relationships look like, let’s have a look at what toxic relationships look like as well!

First, if your partner does not want to see you succeed, it’s obviously a red flag. For example, when she says, “Oh, you’ve got a promotion at work? Does that mean you will spend more time in the office? That’s so bad”, you should know that she doesn’t like seeing you succeed – she will probably find a way to hinder your progress in your career.

Remember: a high-quality Ukrainian woman is supposed to be your biggest supporter & should desire what’s best for you and this relationship. In other words, when either of you gets a big win, you both are winners. Otherwise, the relationship isn’t healthy.

Second, if she is jealous of everyone else in your social circle and in your life, that’s another red flag. That is to say, when she constantly tells you not to spend quality time with your family and friends or complains about your co-workers who asked you to join their Happy Hour, you should know that she has jealous and controlling behavior. Usually, it means this woman is very insecure, so she tries to isolate you from others – that’s how she gains her power.

In contrast, a great Ukrainian lady wouldn’t drag you away from your family and friends because she actually cares about you and your wellbeing.

Third, if you are walking on eggshells at all times, you are probably in a toxic relationship. Let’s say you are afraid to speak your mind simply because you are aware of the fact that one wrong word might trigger a war in your relationship – that means the relationship is problematic. It also means this woman overacts to almost everything.

Remember: the foundation of a wonderful relationship is feeling like you are able to be honest with her when things go wrong because you know you two will find a solution together.

Next, if she insults you frequently, she is a wrong candidate. No matter what, your girlfriend is not supposed to use abusive words whenever there is an argument. A typical sign of a toxic relationship is lack of respect. Note that emotional abuse is also a kind of abuse – you shouldn’t put up with that! End of story.

Also, when things go wrong, nobody should threaten the relationship. But if she threatens the relationship, she is definitely not the right candidate. Some women know that they have a guy who would do everything and anything to keep them, so they exploit that. This is sad but true. Whenever there is an issue, she threatens the relationship because she knows you will beg her not to leave you – this woman is basically preying on your neediness, so it’s a very toxic relationship!

Finally, if she gets very moody whenever you independently act, that’s not the right person. You want a woman who has a stable personality – that’s the cornerstone of a good marriage!

“A good Ukrainian woman knows that the world doesn’t revolve around her, so she respects you, cherishes this relationship and contributes to your blueprint in the long term. That’s someone you should marry!”

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