How to be very happy in successful international relationships

A high-value man’s self-confidence is surely backed up by real competence. Further examination shows that real competence comes from high self-esteem.

High self-esteem makes you believe in yourself.

Whether you think you can or you think you cannot, you are right.

Indeed, a guy with high self-esteem thinks that he is able to do it; therefore, he makes wonderful things happen in his reality.

Other people would say, “He is very competent!” In effect, his true competence comes from his high self-esteem.

Over the previous decade, I’ve met a lot of wildly successful men who are certainly high achievers in life, love and careers. They all share something – they are decisive individuals.

In my opinion, any decision is better than no decision; any idea is better than no idea. (This is true most of the time as you must keep the car moving: the sooner you step up and take action, the faster you’ll receive feedback. Then you are able to adjust your action immediately, thereby becoming a well-calibrated guy that Eastern European women admire.)

Others would say, “Those are very competent men.” That’s true. They are so competent. Their true competence apparently comes from high self-esteem which leads to decisiveness. Decisiveness is the primary reason why these guys are truly competent.

What’s more, high self-esteem helps you to maintain your high standards. Yes, when you have high self-esteem, your standards are naturally high. As a result, you expect ladies to treat you respectfully. You are aware of the difference between liking somebody and respecting somebody. You do not tolerate terrible behavior in relationships. Therefore, you can attract the right candidate and create a satisfying international relationship that you totally deserve.

Also, when your standards are high, individuals around you must treat you in the right manner as that is the only way you would like to accept. Remember: relationships are just dynamics – when you demonstrate a certain behavior or attitude, others must demonstrate a certain behavior or attitude in order to maintain the dynamic. So, it is clear that you are fully responsible for your life and your happiness. Full stop. You will become very successful and other people would say, “You’re a competent guy!” They are absolutely right. You are a guy with high self-esteem, so your standards are also high and your results in your love life are amazing. Surely, you are competent.

How to be a wonderful partner:

When you have a unique pairing in your character, you become an interesting man. A unique pairing means two very different qualities in one individual’s personality. This is uncommon; therefore, you will be very memorable. Examples:

  1. You have a great sense of humor. At the same time, you are very considerate.
  2. You are very handsome (objective attractiveness) or you demonstrate highly attractive behavior. Meanwhile, you are switched-on and smart as well.
  3. You are a fashion-conscious man, but at the same time, you are very ambitious in your career or your business.

Furthermore, you are not supposed to be predictable. Each time you go out with your Eastern European girlfriend, you should do something slightly different. You may take her to a new restaurant this weekend, and then next weekend you’ll take her to a concert. Be interesting and creative.

Moreover, you should be a wonderful conversationalist. A relationship is actually a life-long conversation, so you have to be a great conversationalist, an effective communicator, if you would like to keep your international relationship. The best way to be a good conversationalist is to read more books – you will have many more interesting things to say on every date. Plus, when you keep learning, your relationship will also keep evolving – you and your lady will always grow together.

By the way, if you aren’t an avid reader, don’t worry – you can learn new things in other ways. For example, you may join an online course, attend an offline workshop, watch documentaries, and so on. Reading is only one way to learn something new.

“Never stop learning and growing. Be a student of life.  A man who values knowledge is a growth-driven man that ladies would always respect and admire.”

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