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Many people hire dating coaches to write their dating profiles. Some of them even hire virtual dating assistants to send messages to other people on various dating sites. Now I’d like to focus on how to create a memorable dating profile so that you will stand out from the crowd on any dating website.

The headline of your dating profile is paramount.

When you write the headline of your dating profile, you need to consider the following factors:

  1. This headline highlights your unique personality (e.g. “An adventurous lady” indicates a unique pairing in your personality because “adventurous” means you are an exciting person & “lady” means you are elegant and feminine.)
  2. This headline emphasizes your special hobbies or interests (e.g. “a gentleman and a traveler” shows your fascinating hobby and also indicates your wealth because poor men don’t have the money to travel.)
  3. This headline stresses your unique selling point (e.g. “a reader who writes” suggests that you are an avid reader and you can write well – this isn’t common in this ADHD modern world.)

Remember: Never show any kind of desperation, neediness, fear or negativity in your dating profile. These must be avoided at all cost.

Upload the right dating profile photos.

Your dating profile photos are the most important element in your entire dating profile because that’s the first thing that people will see when they browse your profile online.

It only takes a person less than half a second to figure out whether you are attractive or not by looking at your photo. Thus, your dating profile photo must be outstanding so that you can stand out.

My advice for men is never show off your wealth in a profile photo because avoiding gold-diggers online is a must these days. Another reason is showing off your money in a profile photo means you are new money.

If you think showing off your wealth can help you get more attractive women, then you may consider this strategy instead – intelligent women figure out how much money you make by looking at your profession and industry rather than looking at your profile photos. Hence, you would be well-advised to specify what you do on your dating profile.

Another piece of advice for men is the photo should be taken outdoors. Note that we have done extensive research in this regard and have found that men’s dating profile photos that were taken outdoors perform much better than photos that were taken indoors. Further examination reveals that a photo taken outdoors shows a man’s upbeat personality, whereas a photo taken in a dark room indicates the dark side of a man’s character.

In terms of my advice for women, the No. 1 suggestion is: never upload a photo that looks too different from yourself. Many women use Photoshop to change their photos and upload those photos on their dating profiles. But that’s actually a mistake.

The most common complaint that men expressed is the fact that a lot of women’s online dating profile photos don’t really look like them. Men are disappointed because they thought they were dating someone extremely hot, but when they meet these women in person, they aren’t excited anymore.

Of course, you should totally upload high-quality photos on your dating profile, but please make sure at least your photos still look like the real you.

The next piece of advice for women is figuring out your asset. Do you have a shapely figure? Or do you have a pretty face? Or do you have both?

If you have a good figure, you should wear a body-con dress in your dating profile photo. If you have a pretty face, you may want to show your face clearly in your dating profile photo. If you have both, you can have more than one profile photos.

Last but not least, women would be well-advised to wear red in their dating profile photos because statistics show that women wearing red get more male attention. This is true when it comes to online dating and offline dating.

I still remember when I was wearing a red body-con dress several years ago, five handsome men asked for my phone number within 1 hour as I was going out for a Saturday night.

Many of my female friends who wear red in their dating profile photos also tell me similar stories – they receive many more messages from men as a result.

Therefore, women should wear a red dress/top or red lipstick in their dating profile photos. By the way, you can wear relatively heavy makeup in your photo, but you’d better wear natural makeup when you go out for a date with a man because most men prefer a natural look. Therefore, you’d better wear a pink lip color instead of a red lipstick when you are actually going out for a date.

My thoughts on hiring dating coaches and virtual dating assistants:

Yes, as a dating expert, I’ve received many requests regarding dating profiles and online dating interactions. Here is my honest opinion about this phenomenon:

You need to know what you are good at and what you aren’t good at. You will figure it out by looking at the feedback in your life. If you are happy with your love life, then you are good at dating. Otherwise, you aren’t good at it.

When you were a student, perhaps you considered hiring a tutor if you weren’t good at a certain subject, right? Similarly, now if you know you aren’t good at online dating, you may consider hiring a dating coach so that you don’t have to waste many more years of your life in this regard.

What’s happening in your life is simply feedback. In life, you don’t get what you want; you only get who you are. Everything that’s happening in your life is telling you who you really are. Hence, you can decide whether you need help or not in the dating department.

In terms of hiring virtual dating assistants, here is what will happen if you do hire them: These people will send messages to other members of various dating sites on your behalf, meaning you will have many dates – guaranteed. Of course, your wingmen can also tell you where you can find reliable photographers who are able to take really good photos for you in your local area, so that you can improve your dating profile. I know many men have hired virtual dating assistants to up their game, and it works pretty well for them. Note that it’s not a free service (it’s a premium service), so you shouldn’t expect them to be Mother Teresa.

“An intelligent man invests in his education, experience and personal growth, including his romantic relationship. A happily married man is much more likely to become a wildly successful high achiever and make great things happen. Investing in your love life is a good move, isn’t it?”

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