How to date younger women from Eastern Europe

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Eastern European bride

Being married to a younger woman is a real man’s fountain of youth. So, if you are keen to marry a younger bride from Eastern Europe, please keep reading this article!

Meet Eastern European ladies with brains.

A sophisticated man understands the importance of high IQ. Truthfully, if you would like to date a younger lady from Eastern Europe, you have to meet an intelligent lady in the first place. Nowadays, beauty is commonplace because it’s almost everywhere. However, intelligence is very rare, unfortunately. So, you should totally date a younger lady who highly values learning and knowledge. When a guy is dating an attractive woman without any brains, this woman probably can’t have an intelligent conversation with him. But a marriage is actually a lifelong conversation, isn’t it?

It’s absolutely possible that younger women from Eastern Europe can truly be in love with older men. In fact, some younger ladies even prefer older guys as older guys are usually more mature emotionally and psychologically. Also, older men live a stable lifestyle, and that is better for marriage in the long term. Most younger ladies associate these qualities with high value, as when they evaluate a guy, they look atthe entire package rather than his looks only.

How to talk to a younger woman:

A good marriage starts from the first date where you are supposed to flirt with a woman effectively. Ready to polish your dating skills now?😉

First and foremost, when you meet an Eastern European lady on the first date, please don’t ask her, “How are you?” Instead, you should ask her, “How was your day?”

Now please pay close attention to her answer as what she tells you may show her real personality. If she starts to complain about her mom or her manager, that means she is probably not the most delightful woman in the world. However, if she says she has had a fantastic day, she is probably a pleasant woman. Hence, this question is a good test initially.

Then, when you are having a conversation with her, you can suddenly pause and say, “So, I’m curious…” Then you pause once again.

This technique is great as you should introduce pauses to the conversation on purpose. Actually, most men think silence is awkward on a date because they can’t deal with awkward silence. Yet in fact, silence is a perfect way to build chemistry and attraction, for the spark can be created fast when you are both silent. At this moment, you may focus on the Chemistry which literally has a capital C!

As you pause, the lady from Eastern Europe must pay attention to what you say very carefully. Now you ask, “If you are able to wake up anywhere in the world tomorrow morning, where do you want to wake up?” Now this question will surely indicate her values. For example, if this Eastern European woman says, “I’d like to wake up on my grandfather’s farm”, then you will know this lady obviously had a positive childhood that provided her with a solid foundation for her development. If this woman says, “I’d like to wake up on the Fifth Avenue in New York,” then you will know that she possibly values a lifestyle in the city center.

Further, you should ask questions at emotional level. On a date, small talk is usually quite meaningless and can even be slightly annoying! That’s because the small talk does not tell you anything about a woman. A lot of guys do not have outstanding dating skills; consequently, they just do small talk on the first date. No wonder most men are not even your competition!

My advice is you should totally ask a woman meaningful questions at emotional level. Instead of asking her, “What do you do for a living?”, you should ask, “You look very artistic; are you a writer?” Instead of asking her, “Do you love what you do?”, you’d better ask her, “Why do you want to become a writer?” Remember: questions at emotional level could help you better understand this lady fast.

Lastly, you would be well-advised to talk about some feminine topics on the date.

I know this sounds a bit strange, but please let me explain. The real reason why women need their female friends for emotional support is because only their female friends can talk about feminine topics with them. For example, most guys like ladies who wear makeup; guys just don’t understand makeup. Next time when you are on a date with a woman, you may say something along the lines of, “You’re smiling with starlight because the blue eyeshadow is very pretty.” (Don’t say, “Oh, by the way, there is something on your eye lid. Let me remove it for you.”) Try your best to use the language that ladies can relate to – that will certainly help you improve the quality of a date.

How to tell whether this younger woman from Eastern Europe is the right candidate or not:

In my opinion, ‘the one’ is probably a myth. Usually, your soulmate in 2010 isn’t your soulmate in 2020 as there’s nothing permanent except change.

I know Michael Bolton has a well-known song called ‘Said I loved you… but I lied’: “Out of my dreams & into my life – you are the one; you are the one!” Honestly, I also want to believe that’s true.But in reality, women find Michael Bolton attractive only because he is already famous, not because he has a very romantic song about ‘the one’.

In other words, if you write a romantic song for a woman, I doubt whether she will find that behavior very attractive as it might indicate a guy’s lack of options in his love life. That is to say, a lady actually, secretly, really wants a guy who has options but this guy chooses her!

If you are wondering whether an Eastern European woman is the right candidate or not, you can ask yourself, “Do I like her personality?”

Note that good looks are common, but a good personality isn’t that common. What’s more, good looks will fade, but a nice personality is probably there forever. Because you are looking for a wife from Eastern Europe, you should focus on the candidate’s personality.

Also, you have to ask yourself, “Does this lady and I have the same values?” Look, a happy couple have to have the same values or compatible values. If her values are too different from your values, that’s actually a red flag. And that is no one’s fault.

Some couples are married but they have extremely different values, so they have to experience a lot of conflicts in their marriages which may ruin their love lives completely. In that case, an individual can feel very lonely, even though they are married!

“The right candidate and you should have a shared vision.”

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