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Your mindset determines your behavior, and your behavior determines your results. You must feel the good feelings and emotions before good things happen for you. That is to say, when you feel positive emotions and feelings, your vibration energy is much higher, so the universe will give you things that match your vibration energy. This is how Law of Attraction actually works; it’s not wishful thinking!

Success VS Happiness

Most people assume that when they become successful, they will be happy (success leads to happiness). But in fact, the opposite is true – happiness leads to success & here is why – When you are happy, everything seems a bit easier and the way you carry yourself is more attractive, so you are able to achieve success more quickly.

Switched-on people are aware of the fact that they can proactively design a happy lifestyle without letting things just happen to them. More specifically, switched-on individuals go out and happen to things!

Realistically, you don’t have to go to the gym every single day so as to get the exercise you need, because the best exercise is the exercise that you will actually stick to! Truthfully, only the exercise that you genuinely enjoy is sustainable. So, if you love dancing, it’s perfectly okay for you to dance to the music in the kitchen every day.

Joy is the most underrated aspect of a person’s health and wellbeing. Joy is about enjoying life and doing what makes you truly happy. What gives you good feelings? Which activities bring you positive emotions? Do those activities as often as you can, because life is short and you are here only once. Even if you believe in afterlife, your current life only happens once!

Research shows that joy positively conditions an individual’s emotions, which is the most effective way to rewire your brain, particularly if you had some trauma in the past.

Do something joyful each day. Please make this a deliberate practice in your daily life.

The taboo topic in our society:

Most people don’t want to talk about money because it’s a taboo topic in our culture. They might even say, “I don’t want to be rich. I just want to be happy.” In fact, when you are rich, it’s much easier to be happy. Being rich and being happy are not mutually exclusive.

Nearly every rich person has multiple streams of income. If you have a day job and would like to diversify your income streams, you must consider starting a side hustle.

Without sales and marketing skills, your technical skills won’t work. That means your artistic or technical skills can only work for you when you know how to sell your artistic or technical skills to customers. So, your real priority in this regard is to learn sales and marketing skills in the first place.

Jeff Bezos obviously doesn’t have to sit in his office every single day in order to make money from Amazon, as his business has already been fully automated by employees. That is to say, Jeff Bezos makes money even when he is asleep. That’s the very definition of passive income. In reality, passive income usually comes from intellectual property, traditional businesses, network marketing and investing.

Residual income means you do the hard work upfront, and then you get paid repeatedly after that. It can be a kind of passive income, but residual income is similar to recurring income – stable revenue that comes in regularly. In reality, residual income usually comes from affiliate marketing and membership websites.

If you want to get seriously rich, you can’t focus on trading hours for dollars. You’d better divorce your time from your money. Most jobs only get you to trade hours for dollars (there is an hourly rate). This doesn’t mean a 9-to-5 job is bad. Actually, working for a cooperation is probably underrated in this day and age when so many people are keen to start their own businesses. More exactly, it’s okay to trade some time for money, but trading time for money shouldn’t be your primary focus. In order to become a wealthy individual, you must focus on building true wealth in smart ways.

If you wait until you are ready, you might need to wait forever. Just start before you are ready!

“Growth-driven men like you deserve to be successful in international dating, life and business!”

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