How to effectively make a long-term international relationship sparky again

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Long-term relationships might become boring as time goes by. It is said that lack of excitement is a major challenge in many long-term relationships. But the good news is there are many ways to make a long-term international relationship sparky again. 😉

Are you growing together?

In order to avoid growing into two completely different directions in life, you and your Eastern European lady should grow together. In this way, you two will grow into the same direction or at least two compatible directions in the long term.

Here are some examples of how to grow together in a long-term relationship:

1. Have a shared hobby.

This is the best way to grow together because when you two have a shared hobby, you can have quality time together. A hobby isn’t something that you need to monetize, so you can totally relax and have fun. For instance, perhaps you can join a salsa dance class together; or you can start a movie reviews’ podcast together. A hobby is also a useful skill. 😊

2. Build a business together.

If you two are business-savvy, maybe you can start a business together. When your wife is also your business partner, you can have a shared vision in this marriage. That means you will have mutual benefits in this relationship – the profit of this business is the mutual benefits that you will surely enjoy. 😉

3. Consume the same content together.

This can be running a two-people book club at home, i.e. you read the same book and discuss it. This can also be watching the same TV show each week, e.g. Mad Men, House of Cards, etc. A thought-provoking TV show is always something meaningful to talk about.

4. Surprise each other regularly.

Next time when you go out for a date night, you can give each other cards or gifts. Alternatively, you may write a love letter to your Eastern European woman. If she is artistic, perhaps she can write a love poem to you? This will stimulate your creativity tremendously. 😉

Being in a relationship matures a person.

A relationship consultant once famously said, “Being in a long-term relationship is a bit like practicing Buddhism. It matures a person.” This is absolutely true.

In order to make every stage of a long-term relationship work, you have to practice Buddhism to some degree. In truth, psychologists argue that Buddhism is very similar to a highly effective therapy. A well-known psychologist even points out that psychology can only treat the symptoms of mental health problems, whereas art, literature and religion can address the root cause of mental health problems. This is so profound.

If you are in a long-term relationship, you may want to ask myself, “In which way have I changed since I started this serious relationship?”

Here are some typical answers provided by men who are married to Eastern European women:

  1. Before starting a meaningful relationship, I was a bit lost. But now I know what I’m doing. Currently, my wife and I are building an e-commerce store online. Each day, we both feel very motivated.” (Josh K., 35, New York City)
  2. Previously, my financial management skills were okay, but not great. Yet since I met my wife, I’ve learned so much about money management from her. She is very disciplined. Now we are financially free because we’ve built enough asset which generates sufficient income regularly.” (Ed S., 36, Chicago)
  3. In the past, I didn’t pay attention to my diet. But my wife is a health-conscious woman who knows a lot about health and fitness. She taught me how to improve my diet, exercise and sleep. Now I’m fit!” (Harold B., 34, Santa Monica, CA)

Clearly, Eastern European women have a lot of good value to offer in dating and relationships. That’s why we highly recommend these high-quality candidates to men in western countries.

Having a long-term relationship is good for your health and wellbeing.

Statistics show that married men live longer than single men. Various factors contribute to this result. For instance, married men tend to have a structured life which is great for their health and wellbeing. Another reason is married men usually live a healthy lifestyle as their wives are oftentimes quite health-conscious themselves – this type of influence is very positive.

Indeed, most women are more health-conscious than men. This is especially true amongst Eastern European women as they are slim and fit.

“Marriage is absolutely necessary for men because men benefit from marriage in so many ways.”

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