How to have a healthy marriage with a bride from Ukraine

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Having a good marriage requires you to select the right person in the first place. Now let’s explore this journey together!

Don’t lie to yourself about your relationship.

Self-deception is tricky because when you would like something to be true, you might do the lying yourself. Here is a diagnostic method:

First and most importantly, if you keep convincing yourself that her flaws aren’t bad, you are possibly lying about your relationship. Let’s say she is needy, self-centered and unromantic – you should know you probably can’t really put up with these bad traits if you have to convince yourself that her negative qualities aren’t so bad all the time.

Second, if close friends that you trust and admire actually express doubts about this woman consistently, that’s a red flag that you can’t ignore. I know that in terms of romance, not every friend should be listened to. However, if most of your close friends are concerned about this woman, you may want to know why this is happening. Usually, your trusted friends want you to be happy and successful. They don’t want to see you become miserable.

In addition, if you constantly block out thoughts of this romantic relationship as well as its future simply because it’s too stressful, you are in a wrong relationship. When you actually need to watch TV in order to distract yourself or avoid thinking about this relationship, you would be well-advised to know that you are probably dating the wrong person.

Additionally, if you feel like it’s really hard work whenever you talk about the future, spend lots of time together or have a disagreement, chances are you’re dating the wrong candidate. I know relationships are also work, yet they are not supposed to be extremely hard every day. When you constantly have arguments over petty things, please analyze why that’s happening and if those issues are actually worth fixing.

Why disagreements can be good in a healthy relationship:

I understand that having conflicts all the time is not that great in a relationship. But if you avoid name-calling / yelling / breaking things / abuse, you may have some productive disagreements.

First of all, disagreements allow you to get out your feelings and emotions, which is very important.

When you can’t really express your emotions and feelings, you may complain to someone else. For instance, you might say this to your friends, “She wants me to change who I really am. It’s so annoying.”

That means when you avoid disagreements in a relationship, you have to bottle it all up and let the resentment grow. One day this relationship will not be sustainable.

In contrast, if you can have healthy disagreements with your partner, it helps you to get out emotions in a good way, thereby avoiding bigger issues in the long term.

Basically, the right bride from Ukraine would allow you to let off steam and tell her how you really feel. As I see it, 20 minutes of venting your feelings and emotions is always better than 20 days of depression.

In the second place, disagreements in a relationship helps you to have self-awareness. That is to say, you can learn a lot about yourself if you have healthy arguments with your partner. This process helps you see what your value system is, how you handle conflict and what kind of behaviors you have which irritate her.

So long as your girlfriend’s concerns are understandable, disagreements could be an effective way to evaluate your own habits so you will learn how to improve yourself in the long term.

Next, disagreements tell you where you two are incompatible. In my opinion, if you two are incompatible when it comes to the big picture such as the long-term plan, it is better to know it now than discovering it later. But if only some small things are incompatible, then don’t worry about it!

What should a great relationship look like?

First and foremost, a great relationship is best characterized by a shared blueprint, i.e. you want the same future. In other words, you and your Ukrainian bride must have a shared vision. Are you going to live in a big city or in the countryside? Do you plan to buy a house or rent a place? Are you going to have children or not? Don’t avoid these questions. You have to know the answers to these questions early in your relationship.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that you have to set a specific plan for everything you will do. Nevertheless, you and your Ukrainian bride have to be on the same page as far as the blueprint is concerned. Having honest discussions about these topics will save you time in the long run.

Second of all, make sure that you and your bride from Ukraine have compatible values. For instance, the way you spend money, the way you save money, the way you treat family and friends, the way you handle conflicts and how much space / independence you need – these must be discussed in a candid way early on.

At the end of the day, your value system determines how you live your life.

When two people do not even see eye-to-eye on those fundamental things, there will be a lot of arguments in the future. The right candidate should share what’s actually important to you!

Third, please ensure chemistry in your relationship. Remember: chemistry can’t be manufactured later on if it doesn’t exist in the first place. Ideally, you need a woman that makes your heart swell when you see her. An irresistible woman.

Lastly, the right lady from Ukraine understands you. The right person just gets you – you don’t need to explain yourself all the time because she knows your mind.

How to select the right candidate:

The selection process begins on the first date. So, I’ve summarized a list of questions that you should ask on the first date with a Ukrainian woman!

Question #1: “What do you do in your spare time?”

This is a very important question because what she does in her free time tells you what she actually values. Let’s say you want a healthy lifestyle – obviously, you shouldn’t date someone who wants to go clubbing every night until 3am.

Question #2: “Why do you enjoy doing that in your free time?”

Finding out why she does that for fun reveals her true value system. You have to understand your lady on a much deeper level if you are looking for a serious relationship.

Question #3: “How would your family and friends describe you?”

Her answer will show you her traits because she might say, “My family would say I’m an outgoing person” or “My friends would say I’m very passionate about artistic expression.”

Question #4: “What’s your five-year plan?”

An intelligent woman from Ukraine knows what she is doing, so chances are she has a plan for her future. Make sure her plan and your plan are compatible! 😉

Question #5: “In this world, what matters to you most?”

You will find out her worldview easily based on her answer to this question.

Question #6: “What do you look for in a man?”

I know this question is quite direct. Nonetheless, it’s a paramount question. No matter what she says, please stay non-judgmental and allow her to express her opinion. If you criticize her response, she will not open up.

“Dating can be drama-free.”

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