How to handle conflicts in a relationship with a Ukrainian woman

May 4, 2020 at 9.16am by in Slavic Women
Ukraine bride

Conflicts are inevitable in any relationship, so you’d better figure out how to handle conflicts when difficult situations arise. The good news is Ukrainian women are very honest people. Therefore, dealing with conflicts in relationships with Ukrainian ladies isn’t too hard.

Have some boundaries and standards.

Coping with conflicts in a romantic relationship is exactly when you see the true quality of a relationship. Realistically, you are only human and you can’t be perfect. Be kind to yourself first.

Perhaps she is your girlfriend already. Or maybe you are already married. I mean no matter what stage it is, you’d better have some boundaries and standards in the first place. I highly recommend a book called Boundaries in Marriage (written by Henry Cloud) in which the author teaches how to be assertive in the right way when you are married. I think you should totally read this book before you start a relationship with a Ukrainian bride.

Be honest & do not beat around the bush, please.

Ladies from Ukraine are candid, so your Ukrainian girlfriend would call you out if you’ve done something very wrong. Unlike western women who often play mind games and become passive aggressive in relationships, women from Ukraine are very honest. As a result, if you try to play mind games with her or even manipulate her, she will probably leave you immediately. Hence, the cornerstone of a successful marriage is to say what you mean and mean what you say!

If your Ukrainian bride attracts lots of male attention, please do not be upset, angry and jealous.

Your lady from Ukraine has chosen you already; thus, you should trust your lady. Even though she gets a lot of male attention when she goes out with you, it doesn’t really mean she is actually flirting with other guys, okay? As a matter of fact, when you take her to a dinner party and she looks perfect in a pink dress and golden high heels, you are supposed to be very proud of your lady if other guys cannot help appreciating her beauty and glamour.

Please do not wait until something terrible has happened already – be proactive.

A passive guy is actually a waiter rather than a creator. This guy waits until something has happened to them already rather than go out and happen to things. At times, conflicts may build up & become a big problem, as some guys choose to avoid talking about hard topics. But sadly, the longer you avoid talking about certain topics, the worse the result will become. Hence, you have to face the issue as quickly as possible & handle it as fast as humanly possible. Unfortunately, many guys are unaware of small problems in their relationships and ended up with painful breakups or even horrible divorce as their wives’ patience is apparently limited.

Is love blind?

You possibly have heard of the saying “Love is blind”, right? Truthfully, you must open your wide eyes before getting married. Nevertheless, after getting married, you are not supposed to be wide-eyed all the time if you want to be actually happy. Do you want to be right all the time or do you want to be happy in your marriage? Please do not get caught up in small things in life, as the big picture is obviously much more compelling and paramount!

Become an attractive man and you’ll notice that conflicts in your relationship will rock up less frequently.

First of all, even if you are already in a relationship with a Ukrainian girlfriend, you still need to keep attracting her because flirting with your lady is a lifelong activity. That’s how you keep the spark alive.

Let’s start from your image.

In my opinion, if your budget is limited, you should wear black more often. A lot of men don’t have any money to waste. So, the easiest way to look attractive is to wear black more frequently as black automatically looks expensive, posh and sophisticated, although a black shirt only costs you US$30. Apart from that, you have to make sure your clothes definitely fit you very well and avoid jeans & shirts that are way too big for you.

Second, you can live like a billionaire even if you aren’t even a millionaire.

Frankly, you do not have to spend too much money if you’d like to live like a billionaire. If you read President Trump’s book Think Like a Billionaire, you will understand that Donald does not buy the most expensive products in the world, even though he is a billionaire. Actually, he uses Head & Shoulders shampoo from the average supermarket. That is to say, the best things aren’t necessarily the most expensive things in the world. Also, you can surely buy some very nice clothes when they’re on sale. Please don’t find excuses for why you aren’t able to wear nice clothes, okay? In life, whatever you look for you will find. What’s more, please don’t use a soap and a soap dish in your bathroom. Let’s say your Ukrainian girlfriend goes to your apartment for a date and sees the soap in the bathroom, she might be disgusted because of some hygiene concern. In that case, you should have liquid soap in the bathroom instead – now your apartment looks like a 5-star hotel!

Third, slow down when you are talking to your Ukrainian lady.

Talking too quickly shows how nervous you are. This is especially true on a date. So, you would be well-advised to just slow down and build some chemistry while talking to your Ukrainian bride. Just think loving and romantic thoughts when you look at her. Now the attraction is real.

A study indicates that guys with a lower pitch are considered to be high status, attractive and powerful. Moreover, research in Canada suggests that when two male candidates are competing for a senior position in a company, the guy with a lower pitch tends to be the winner. That’s because individuals oftentimes associate a lower pitch with power, authority and trustworthiness. Likewise, you may practice the way you speak and talk with a slightly lower pitch from now on. In this way, your Ukrainian girlfriend will like you even more!

Demonstrate high value.

Let’s say you are on a date with an Eastern European woman. As I see it, the first thing that you must do is to demonstrate high value. The great news is you are already a high-value guy if you are from a western country, for many Eastern European ladies associate high status with western guys. Though you should totally assume all women from Eastern Europe like you already, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will become an arrogant person. Of course, I know you are a very kind gentleman that women cannot resist.

“Become good at telling compelling stories so that your date will be even more interesting!”

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