How to keep a Ukrainian lady interested in you

Attracting a Ukrainian woman isn’t hard, but keeping her interested in you in the long term isn’t the easiest thing in the world. So, I’d like to share some tips with you today!

How to keep your Ukrainian lady intrigued:

When people get into relationships, it is easy for things to become routine. This can be the places they go to or the kind of conversations they have with their partners. Therefore, it’s very important to keep attracting your partner even after you are already in a relationship with her. Indeed, it’s the spontaneity and flirting that attracted her in the first place; thus, it’s clear that if these elements disappear, then the spark will disappear as well.

Fortunately, there are many ways to keep your relationship exciting and fresh. Let me explain.

First, never let things stagnate. There are only two ways to do things – you either wait or create. In your career or with your health, you know that if you sit around and wait, nothing will get done. Interestingly, the same is true of relationships and marriages. When you are single, you are just like a creator – you go out to meet people, join dating websites to meet ladies, make great things happen, you flirt, you date…. Truthfully, if you want a satisfying relationship, you must keep being a creator!

Hence, if you are in a relationship with a Ukrainian lady and you are thinking about how you can maintain the spark, I’d like you to ask yourself this question, “What did I do differently when I first started dating my lady?”

Most people become lazy in their relationships or marriages. I’d like you to schedule a date-night per week. That means a date-night when you dress up for each other.

We all know that relationships are built on stability. I know stability is great; nonetheless, it also leads to contentment which causes laziness. When nobody needs to try hard anymore, the butterflies in your stomach are gone, then everything begins to look mundane or boring. As a result, I always advise western men and Ukrainian women to work to stay attractive for each other. Make sure you still make an effort to groom and be flirtatious & find exciting new places for you both to explore and experience.

Second, you should introduce some variety to your relationship. By that I mean your Ukrainian woman needs to feel like she can’t totally predict what’s coming in her life. At times, you should surprise her with a trip you take together or something new at home.

Just avoid getting stuck going to the same coffeehouses and restaurants you often go to. You can try tickets to concerts, day-trips to new places, wine-tasting events, picnics and galleries / museums. Always think outside the box and it will be easy to keep things exciting and fresh.

Third, keep teasing your Ukrainian lady in a good way. Don’t forget to flirt with her. The fun flirty text messages can keep your woman from Russia attracted in a tremendous way.

Next, have some little treats every month. You can give each other gifts at times. Presents are not for special days only. When you see something that reminds you of her, just get it. It doesn’t have to be something expensive. When she mentions something that she is passionate about, you can buy her a related gift. For example, she tells you that she likes Savage Garden’s music and you buy her a Darren Hayes’ new CD.

Of course, the more personal you make the present, the better. Remember: this is not about buying anyone’s affection or love; it’s about showing that you think about each other and you don’t take each other for granted. You and your Ukrainian woman don’t have to go through the motions of showing love and affection on special occasions such as Valentine’s Day. Therefore, the little treat can be buying a box of chocolate and a DVD if you know you’ll have a romantic night at home.

How to strengthen the emotional connection with your Ukrainian woman:

Most marriages and relationships reach that point where people feel they want a deeper emotional connection so as to take the marriage or relationship to the next level. When the novelty and excitement of having a new person in your life starts to wear thin, you must find a new way to strengthen the emotional connection so that your relationship can flourish. Here’s my advice:

1) Sometimes, you may want to spend some time apart.

I know this sounds a bit strange, but please let me explain. Once you are in the comfort stage, you must keep that attraction going. I’m not saying your Ukrainian lady will get bored of you if she sees you too often. I mean she will start to be so used to having you around that she doesn’t realize how much she appreciates your contribution to her life. Therefore, several days apart will make her realize the things she loves about you, the things she misses and saying goodbye for a little while will eventually make saying hi again more exciting and stimulating. That is to say, spending some time apart will keep that tension and the spark in your relationship with a lady from Russia.

2) You may participate in her passions.

To deepen the emotional connection in your relationship or marriage, it’s crucial that your woman from Russia doesn’t just see you as her partner, but also as her best friend, i.e. someone she can enjoy all aspects of her life with. Note that if your Ukrainian woman sees you as separate from the rest of her life, a deep emotional connection won’t be built. Unavoidably, she will have passions such as movies, music, art and work that she indulges in separately to her time with you, and that’s fine. Yet it is vital that she feels she can share her passions with you, too. Thus, you’d better find a way to be part of the other passions she enjoys aside from the common things that she does with you. Ask her about Savage Garden even if you don’t even know their music genre. Watch a George Peppard’s movie with her even if you can’t understand why women love that style.

You don’t need to pretend it is also your passion. Just allow her to see that she is able to include you in all aspects of her life. This will let her realize that you are so important to her. When your Ukrainian girlfriend shares her passions with you, she will understand that she can enjoy her passions with you as well as with her like-minded friends. Also, seeing her passionate about something will make you feel closer to her and more attracted to her as well, no matter her passion is your thing or not.

“Sharing new experiences together will strengthen the emotional connection with your girlfriend from Russia.”

  • Rolland

    Very effective tips. My girlfriend from Russia loves to send a large number of romantic messages. Flirting is a very important part of a relationship for her.


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